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Home Automation- A 3-Stage Process

What is home automation? When you set it up such that almost everything in it is automatic, the lights, the stove, even the doors are automatic. This type of automatic home is also called a smart home. This system controls lights, doors, and much more. This automation also includes keeping an eye on the security of your home, it controls your alarm systems. It is connected to the internet and uses your Wi-Fi to automatically control your home. You can also check our website related to texas fake id vs real.

Three Stages Followed by Home Automation 


This means you can keep an eye on your home devices through automation for example; if you want to turn your air conditioner on after a certain time or you want to take shower before you get home so you turn on the geezer.


You can control your devices remotely, even if you are not at home. You want to play music for your wife because you miss her, you press the button and the music plays at your home and your wife can feel what you feel.


Last but not the least, this phase is the one in which your devices connect with each other through Wi-Fi, like if your home security camera detects an unwanted motion while you are not home it notifies you and turns the alarm off.

Three Types of Voice Assistants

Home automation is based on a remote control system i.e. either through a mobile application or voice assistant. There are three types of voice assistants that are widely used:

  1. Alexa
  2. Siri
  3. Google assistant


Alexa is the voice assistant introduced by amazon. According to the researchers, Alexa answering accuracy is 79.80% and it can understand up to 99.90% of the queries we ask by different people with different accents. This is a great example of artificial intelligence. Alexa is the most used voice assistant by different companies for home automation. It has a female voice and is a very friendly voice assistant.


Siri is the voice assistant introduced by apple. According to the researchers, Siri has an accuracy of 83.10% and can understand up to 99.80% of the queries asked by different people with different accents. Siri has about 35% of the share of voice assistants globally. It is usually used in Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads. It is not much used in home automation as compared to Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri has an option if the user wants it to be a male’s voice or a female’s voice.

Google assistant:

Google assistant as the name suggests is introduced by Google itself. Google assistant has an answering accuracy of 92.90% and can understand up to 100% of the queries asked by different people with different accents. Google Assistant has proved to be far better and accurate than Alexa and Siri although it has fewer actions and skills than the other voice assistant. To get this voice assistant you will need a smart speaker and display.

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