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What to do with your Gas and Electricity Supply when Moving Premises?

Moving is a big step for any business. Whether you’re entering your first official premises or upgrading to a larger, more suitable location, there is always a raft of logistical issues and admin tasks to consider. You’re bound to be busy during this time, but it’s vital that you aren’t tempted to overlook the importance of comparing business gas and business electricity deals to ensure that you get the best rate – not the first offer you find.

It may be easy to think that your energy supply is going to cost roughly the same, no matter which provider you choose. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, over time you could be costing your organization substantial unnecessary overheads if you haven’t taken the time to compare suppliers effectively. In addition to this, there are many brokers out there who may charge a hefty hidden business energy commission, tying you into further fees for years to come.

In 2021 it has become apparent that thousands of businesses are suffering from a mis-sold energy contract which is costing them eye-watering sums each year. With this in mind, here are some simple steps you can take to save yourself time, money, and hassle on your gas and electricity move.

Check all Meters & Connections

Prior to moving into your new premises, you’ll need to check if it is connected and has both electricity and gas meters. For premises that have previously been occupied, check if it has been disconnected – suppose, if the earlier tenant got into debt. It’s good to know this before moving as it can take time to resolve, and you don’t want your business to be out of action, even temporarily. You may be asked to pay a reconnection fee and a deposit even though the disconnection wasn’t your fault.

If you’re moving into a new-build premise, you might find that the building hasn’t been connected yet, and if so you’ll need to enquire about the timescale and any connection charges involved.

Be Smart about your Energy Supplier Choice

Choosing the right business energy supplier is key, especially because the risks of choosing the wrong supplier or broker can be devastating. Unlike residential energy contracts, neither business energy rollover contracts nor standard business energy contracts are regulated by Ofgem. This gives brokers free rein to push the boundaries on what’s acceptable. As such, businesses around the UK are now having to pursue a mis-sold business energy claim because they have been deceived by unscrupulous brokers making hidden commissions that total as much as 20% of a business’s annual energy bill.

In these instances, energy brokers recommend contracts that use suppliers based on their referral fees, rather than the most advantageous terms for their clients. This conflict of interest has been repeatedly uncovered by the likes of claims management experts, Winn Solicitors, who are helping organizations recoup much of the money they have lost through deceptive business practices – all on a no-win, no-fee basis. 

Ignore Cold Calls

Speaking of unscrupulous behavior, make sure you don’t fall for any cold calling attempts, as these become increasingly frequent when you move premises. Movers’ data is, sadly, a precious commodity in the business energy market, and business owners can find themselves contacted by individuals claiming to be from The Meter Registration Agency, demanding that suppliers are changed immediately.

This is, at best, irritating and, at worst, fraudulent. In these instances, it is best to simply tell the caller that you are not interested and have already sorted out your energy supply needs.

Tie Up Any Loose Ends

The day of your move is all about tying up loose ends and sorting any last jobs, and this includes taking the meter readings at both your old and new premises. Give them to your new and old energy suppliers to make sure you get an accurate final bill. You don’t want to end up paying for the previous tenant’s energy use.

You should also ensure your old supplier has your new address so they can send through your final bill. This allows you to pay it promptly and close the account, ticking at least one thing off your to-do list.

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