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A Case Study on Kentucky Fried Chicken a.k.a KFC


KFC is one of the few American companies that can look back on a lengthy history of success and innovation. All of it started with one cook who created a soon-to-be global-well-known recipe extra than 70 years in the past, a listing of mystery herbs and spices scratched out at the lower back of the door to his kitchen. That prepared dinner became Colonel Harland Sanders, of the path, and now KFC is the arena’s maximum famous hen eating place chain, that specializes in that equal unique Recipe® at the side of more Crispy™ hen, home-fashion aspects and buttermilk biscuits. There are over 21,000 KFC retailers in more than a hundred thirty nations and territories around the world. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a fast-food restaurant that has meals processed and organized with the aid of the use of popular components and production strategies.

According to Schlosser 2002, rapid meals also contain a big wide variety of chemical components and regularly lack correct nutrients labeling. In current years, customers globally are more and more concerned about vitamins, health, and satisfaction in their food essential issues have appeared because of recurrent food crises regarding pesticide residues on clean produce, meals contamination by using chemical substances in dairy and seafood products, and the unregulated use of additives in processed ingredients.

The adjustments in patron consuming habits and call for wholesome food had been caused by the public awareness of coronary heart disorder, most cancers, and different ailments that took place due to an unhealthy weight loss plan. Rapid food restaurants chain in America began to seize the demand of the consumers who asked for a portion of healthy rapid food. Many speedy-food eating places are looking to remodel the photo from dangerous food to healthy fast food. Rapid-food chain consisting of Burger King which provides Lite combo food and Veggie Burger, which presented 3 chook sandwiches with a facet salad and bottled water. except, the supply of online food shipping is getting better, which gets rid of the need for consumers to pressure eating places in addition to confirming they receive meals at the proper time. This trend additionally subsidizes the mushrooming of healthful meals delivered within the Klang Valley. Therefore, KFC should have a clean function regarding offering healthful speedy meals to stay a success in the future.

Products & Services

KFC is a global speedy meals enterprise chain renowned for its rapid-meals fine, and comprehension of gadget management. running more than 5,000 restaurant chains all over the globe, the company has elevated opening retailers within the United Kingdom, Canada, Jamaica, and Mexico via the mid-Seventies. KFC’s original products include fried chicken nuggets, seasoned with Sanders 11 spices and special herbs. considerable portions 59 of fried bird are bought within the shape of a cardboard bucket that is the signature feature of the brand because it was first reintroduced by using Pete Herman in 1957.

For the reason that in the early 90s, KFC has added approximately modifications inside the menu to provide additional products along with chicken wraps, and fillet burgers. It also involves more healthy items which include salads, and coleslaw to have a selection of meal objects for centered clients. Desserts and drinks are a number of the highlighting products which are furnished with the aid of KFC. The other fowl offering, more crispy, is created out of garlic marinade and double dipping the chook in flour before deep frying in a well-known business kitchen set gadget. It additionally serves wedges, potato chips, zinger burgers, coleslaw, depending on the worldwide place. The organization has made its region in the marketplace with steadiness and great products. Through the help of fast facility results, the success of consumer dreams, KFC included a couple of enterprise tactics to provide a similar kind of revel in. Their taste and freshness of merchandise are like no other franchise inside the marketplace and even though they’re offered at a lower rate, consumers get a balanced, healthy meal with an identical amount of deliciousness.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a combination of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The main goal of SWOT assessment is to help the company grow a complete recognition of all of the elements involved in creating a business selection. Possibilities check with the elements which the organization can use to its choice to grow its market percentage, sales, and logo recognition.

The Possibilities for KFC are: 

  • Increasing demand for more healthy meals clients now are changing their needs and wants for convenient food to greater wholesome food. Many rapid-meals agencies had modified their menu and provided more alternatives to clients to deal with these changes. Although KFC has a vegetarian fast-meals category like coleslaw, and mashed potatoes, KFC has restrained menu gadgets compared to Subway, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s. KFC could introduce steamed fowl and vegan burgers on its menu. According to the investigation, the steamed hen has less than one-1/3 of the energy of fried chicken. A vegan burger made from greens and soya bean patty is also more healthy than a fried chicken patty. 
  • Introducing new products to its simplest hen variety KFC is thought to be a favorite of chicken meat fanatics and this segmentation is the principal achievement component of KFC. However, focusing on chook products makes KFC hard to compete with every competitor who has a large range of products on their menu. KFC can also introduce new meals to its menus which include pork and fish products. KFC ought to transform the pork and fish meat into a burger patty, nuggets, meatball, or maybe serve in maintaining a slice of red meat or fish meat.

The Solution to the problem

  • Greater product diversification is one way to do this.
  • Continuing the exercise of combining brands 
  • Expanding international strategy to the international locations of Japanese Europe and Russia.

These movements, for my part, might comfortable the sales stage from falling.


With the fast-changing lifestyle, wholesome eating addiction is turning into a part of a cutting-edge lifestyle that has driven customers to attempt new things and stories. Those adjustments have made KFC observe the fashion and the desires of the patron in recent times. To deal with the healthy lifestyle, KFC ought to broaden a more fit menu in line with the general public of clients’ tastes and the modern flavor fashion.

In recent times, clients are paying greater attention to their fitness at the same time they manage their studies or work. The reason people like to consume speedy meals is as they can devote less time finishing the food and additionally they need a balanced meal to meet their fitness desires. KFC may additionally offer the nutrient stability “chook Salad Plate” which consists of hen and vegetables at the same time to meet the stability food required by using the purchaser.

KFC can introduce a variety of steamed hen or grilled fowl menu to the client as it’s far low calories while compared with fried crispy hen. The burger bun of KFC can be exchanged for a wholemeal bun to be more healthy. to attract extra clients from every other group like veganism, KFC ought to introduce a vegan burger for them. Even though KFC is especially selling a bird-related product for clients, the way of uploading vegan products to their menu can display that KFC is the problem about patron health. In making ready for the vegan burger, KFC desires to make sure all of the aspects and oil used to cook dinner is suitable for vegetarians. Aside from coffee and soda liquids, KFC can promote vegetable juice and fresh fruit juice as fruit juice contains more nutritional value than soda drinks.

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