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The Best Kids Monitoring Tool by ClevGuard for Parents in 2021

Does the use of phones by your children worry you? Or, if you want to know how KidsGuard Pro can keep your child safe from cyberbullies? you should read the review. The solution is here! 

A review of KidsGuard Pro will be of particular interest to parents who want to monitor their children’s cell phone usage. You need to understand the implications of today’s technology. Even though there are a lot of parental control tools on the market, KidsGuard Pro is exceptionally popular. Furthermore, mobile phones pose a serious risk of violence due to unrestricted access. There will be nothing that is inappropriate for a child to view. Moreover, young people are vulnerable to danger through the use of social media accounts for connecting with friends and strangers. It is not surprising, therefore, why many parents are interested in monitoring all of their children’s online activity.

  • A brief introduction to ClevGuard

For a long time, ClevGuard has been focused on becoming a preferred choice in the parental control industry. We have built data security solutions for globally renowned companies with our highly efficient data security experts. ClevGuard is dedicated to securing your data and helping you protect your family. Sometimes parents will look for solutions that will allow them to keep an eye on what their children are doing on their children’s devices and be able to control how they use the internet. Monitoring apps can help in this situation. ClevGuard is the company that provides KidsGuard Pro, a product that offers internet security solutions. Keeping track of a child’s online activity can be a challenge when they are out and about on the internet. Its popularity has increased among users, especially among parents, since it is a trustworthy phone tracking application. You can also figure out from the KidsGuard Pro review if the app meets your needs or not.

Let’s learn what makes KidsGuard software stand out from the rest in this review.

KidsGuard Software

  • A brief review about Kidsguard Pro

With KidsGuard Pro, students and parents can monitor their phones, track their locations using Android GPS devices. It is extremely useful for both parents, KidsGuard can be the perfect solution. All social apps can be tracked, and the location can be tracked in real-time via GPS and record inbound/outbound calls. Additionally, the application can display the call history as well as the use of other apps. You can use this app on an Android or iOS device. In terms of parental control apps, this stands out from its competitors, even though it is a relatively new app. KidsGuard Pro has become so popular because of its advanced features and smart technology.

  • Installation and setup

You must have access to the child’s Android phone so you can download the app. 

Open the KidsGuard Pro website with the browser and click the “Add Child” button. An app download link will be provided to you. You can install the app on your phone after it has been downloaded. When prompted, you will have to grant permission to install apps from unknown sources. You can authorize the account using your email address and your device code. By creating an account and buying a subscription on the website, you can access the device code. Follow the instructions from the email and on the website to activate and set up the account. The dashboard you are assigned would enable you to monitor your data logs. The iOS app does not need to be installed in order to monitor an iOS device. You can start monitoring the target phone with the iCloud credentials that you enter into your account.

    • Learn about the detailed setup (ios version) of Kidsguard Pro

Step 1:   Open an account on Kidsguard Pro

In order to register with KidsGuard Pro, you must provide a valid email address. Your next step is to choose a license and pay for it online securely.

Opening account in KidsGuard Pro

Step 2: Download and install the software by following the setup guide

Following the purchase process, you will be taken to the My Products and Orders Management page. If you have made a purchase before, you will find it here. Upon clicking on Setup Guide, you will be able to learn more about how to get started with this iPhone monitoring software.

  • On the given website, you can download and install the program.
  • The target device can be backed up and analyzed to get iPhone data monitored.

In order to get data from the target device, there are two methods available.

  • Option 1- By Connecting the USB Cable to the device you will be able to connect to the computer

Available for: Those with iPhones and computers not connected to the same wireless network.

connect to your computer

connect through USB Cable

  • Option 2 – Data can be accessed over wi-fi when connected to the same device

Available for: It provides remote scanning of iPhones without plugging in cables and as long as the device and computer are connected via Wi-Fi.

KidsGuard pro for ios

starting with kidsguard pro for ios

Step 3: Get started with monitoring your Computer

A scanned file can be switched between several types and details can be viewed after the scanning is completed. Checking the deleted files is also possible. You can click the “Export” button to view and save the monitored data. This is especially useful for the chat history associated with social apps and media files.

get started with the monitoring tool

  • Why is Kidsguard Pro special?

KidsGuard Pro is an excellent parental control tool for many obvious reasons. Want to know? For your convenience, please find below some examples of those features-

  • Easy to set up
  • It works as promised
  • No hacking or rooting is required.
  • Money-back guarantee at an affordable price
  • Excellent customer support
  • A spy feature in KidsGuard Pro Monitoring and tracking solutions with great trustworthiness

The key feature that attracted our attention with KidsGuard Pro was its useful monitoring capabilities. With ClevGuard you can control your children and monitor them remotely from anywhere in the world. Its products include Android and iOS compatible cell phone monitoring. Apple and Android devices do, however, differ in some ways. You won’t be able to monitor an iPhone or iPad if Apple restricts you from using certain features.

  • Kidsguard Pro for Android

Tracking and monitoring Android phones is easier than ever before with KidsGuard Pro for Android.

  • A collection of all social apps that you can use

    Keep a watchful eye on your staff and loved ones by monitoring social media apps. Among the many advantages of Onscreen is that you can view chat history and see the interface of a given app while monitoring shared multimedia and checking activity records as well.

  • Keep track of your children wherever they go

Location tracking can be performed through GPS or Wi-Fi on mobile devices. Also, you can set up a virtual boundary for your child and receive alerts when they enter or leave it.

  • Files can be accessed from anywhere

Your information will be accessible including contacts, calls, texts, photos, videos, browser history, and more. The device basically records everything on it. This data can even be exported and saved for future use if needed.

  • Remote Control features that are simply amazing

It is possible to operate the stealth mode from a remote control. Using an Android phone, you can record phone calls, take secret photos, or capture screenshots.

Kidsguard Pro for ios version

The installation process is less complicated for iOS devices. Due to its remote installation capability, KidsGuard can be installed without accessing the device physically. Installing the software remotely is possible if you have access to the corresponding iCloud account. It currently only offers a few limited features in the iOS version. KidsGuard Pro (iOS) will also be enhanced very soon with some new features.

  • The software allows real-time tracking of the location of the iPhone.
  • The KidsGuard Pro app gives you access to all your photos and contacts, notes, videos, calendars, reminders, and more.
  • KidsGuard Pro allows you to access iCloud directly, something that many other spy apps lack.
  • Installing KidsGuard Pro on your device does not require any modifications.
  • Through the dashboard, you can view and download all attachments without a problem.
  • Pricing

Subscription plans are typically available for a set number of months.

Android and iOS

  • 1 Month Plan: $29.95 per month
  • 3 Months Plan: $16.65 per month
  • 1 Year Plan: $8.32 per month

Features vary depending upon the device. A Money-back guarantee is available for 30 days.


Thanks to technological advancements and particularly smartphones, it is no longer necessary for you to supervise your kids physically. KidsGuard Pro for iOS appears to be a better overall solution to monitoring kids. To begin with, the app cannot be uninstalled from the target’s phone. In addition, KidsGuard Pro for iOS works secretly on the target’s iPhone, and nobody can ever tell if it is active. As a final feature, KidsGuard Pro for iOS provides all the basic and advanced features you’d expect from a premium spyware service. As a whole, the trackers discussed in this article are excellent. However, if you prefer a full monitoring solution for iOS devices, KidsGuard Pro for iOS is the top pick.

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