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Smoky Hills Outdoors

The Great Smoky Mountains’ well-defined peaks, gleaming waterfalls, and sun-soaked forests give the background to various excursions. This popular national park, which expands over Tennessee and North Carolina, spans over 500,000 acres and includes 6,000-foot views, rushing rivers, and hundreds of historic structures.

Rocky Mountains Vs. Smoky Mountains  

  • Dimensions of the land

As per the National Park Service (NPS) data, the Smoky Mountains cover 522,427 acres and are split between Tennessee & North Carolina, with trails of over 850 miles.

The Rockies, by comparison, are over half the size, with 265,807 acres & 355 miles of trails.

  • Weather

Rocky Mountains: Year-round temperatures range from 94 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, having a humid continental climate.

Smoky Mountains: Year-round average temperatures of 60.1°F to 39.4°F, with either a humid subtropical or an oceanic environment.

  • Pets

Rocky Mountains: Pets are usually allowed if they are on leases with paved paths, rock mountains.

Smoky Mountains: On this mountain, they usually allow dogs to roam around at campgrounds, picnic places, and along roadways, but they must always be leashed.

  • Entrance Fee

Rocky Mountains: $35 per vehicle for a seven-day pass.

Smoky Mountains: One does not have to pay any entrance fees when going to the Smoky Mountains.

  • Wildlife

The Rocky Mountains features about 66 animal species native to the area, whereas the Smoky Mountains only feature about 65 animal species. Some of the species you can find in the Rocky Mountains include (according to the National Park Service):

  • Black bears (20-24)
  • Coyotes (common)
  • Bighorn sheep (350 or more)
  • Elk (600-800)
  • Moose (40-60)
  • Deer (300-500)
  • Mountain lions (rare)

Based on reports by the National Park Service (NPS), the Smoky Mountains include: 

  • Black bears (1,500+)
  • Elk (200)
  • Deer with a white tail (common)
  • Turkeys in the wild (500)
  • Salamanders

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Smoky Mountain Tops

Smokey Mountain Tops is a Natural Stone Institute-accredited company that works with the best stone suppliers. They make unique countertops that are both beautiful and useful. They specialize in creating and installing the best quartz, granite, and marble surfaces for home and commercial applications. They are always eager to get a chance to earn your business, confidence, and referrals.

Smoky Mountain Adventure Camp    

Smoky Mountain Adventure Camp (SMAC) lies against the piedmont of Eastern Tennessee, just a short distance from Smoky Mountains National Park, and harnesses the natural environment to deliver incredible adventure camp memories to kids and adults alike. You can go hiking in the backcountry, rappelling, rock climbing, caving, rafting, tubing, challenge courses, overnight canoe trips, horseback riding, overnight hiking expeditions, and also try out other activities.

Smoky Mountain Honey House

The Smoky Mountain Honey House serves its customers with some of the best fresh produce, honey, jams, molasses, relishes, pickles, and jellies you can find in that side of Mississippi.

The years Smoky Mountain Honey House spent selling Amish-made jams, jellies, and candies to their wholesale customers at the farmers market in Asheville gave them the opportunity of owning a storefront on Main Street.

The Smoky Mountain Honey House uses only honey from hives in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia in their products. Their reason for having numerous hives in several locations is to ensure that they can get the adequate supply of honey they need for production. They are kind enough to tell their customers the truth behind the original honey. For instance, no honey can have 100 percent of one flavor because humans can’t control the bees to make them solely collect pollen from sourwood trees or orange blooms. For your honey to be labeled with its name, it must be tested and contain at least 75% of a single pollen group. In some circumstances, honey is too mixed up with different pollen groups, and that’s when plain old pure honey comes into play. But rest confident that if it says sourwood, it’s at least 75% sourwood.

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