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5 Must-have Apps/Software for a Hybrid Digital Workplace

The year 2020 will be remembered in history as the year of the pandemic but apart from that, this year will also be etched as the beginning of a hybrid culture within organizations across the globe. The emergence of remote working during CoVid19 led to a hybrid digital workplace that supports and encourages both online and on-site workers in a cohesive working environment.

As businesses are unraveling this hybrid model and taking steps toward transforming their workplace into the demand of the hour, there is a dire need to upgrade to the latest tools and safety measures. Here is a compilation of 5 Must-have apps/software that is indispensable for creating a hybrid digital workplace.

Visitor Management Software

For any business facility or office premise, visitors constitute an important part and all sorts of facilities have one or the other way to keep track of this information. Manual logbooks are the tale of old as proper visitor management software helps to track, monitor, and record the details of every single visitor entering the building or office premise, all done electronically.  Post-pandemic, offices can even opt for a touchless visitor management system for a seamless yet impressive check-in process.

Hybrid Digital WorkplaceBe it any guest, contractor, client, or any outsider, they are asked to enter the verified details and the host is notified of their arrival. Once the host approves, the visitor is granted a badge permit and access towards the meeting place. It even stores the details of check-out like the time the visitor left the campus, their duration of stay, and so on. This totally eliminates the need for pen and paper or receptionists spending bucks of time in keeping details of every visitor.

Benefits of using Visitor Management Software in Workplace

  • Visitor management software helps companies keep a proper record of all the visitors entering and exiting the premises at all times, without the fear of the data being damaged or lost.
  • Any sort of intruder can easily be tracked down when there is a detailed visitor profile along with a photo ID. This information can be leveraged and found in cases of theft or other such mishaps.
  • It saves time and is an efficient way of handling the visitor data, with no scope of error or failure.
  • VMS is an efficient way of inviting visitors and making things easy for both the hosts as well the guests. It creates an everlasting impression, supplementing the company’s value and reputation in the market.

IT Helpdesk

Employee engagement is critical to a company’s success and 71% of executives believe this and the only way to keep the employees happy is by genuinely listening to their voice. One great way to address the employee’s concerns is using an internal IT Helpdesk. This software is integrated across all major devices and allows the employees to raise issues in the form of tickets from any place, at any time. 

The ticketing management system is especially of great importance to the remote workforce of any organization and contributes highly to their happiness and satisfaction.

Hybrid Digital WorkplaceThe software allows the managers to track tickets using QR codes and monitor the progress, the volume of tickets, solving query and other details. The IT Helpdesk introduces automation within the support center operating in organizations which makes it easy for the employee problems to be heard and resolved in a quick and organized manner.  

How IT Help Desk provides an extra edge to companies

  • Employees gain a sense of trust and higher satisfaction when the Helpdesk within the company is employee-centric and is ardent on resolving employee issues.
  • A proper IT Helpdesk ensures centralization of all the employee-related concerns in a single dashboard, making it easy for the admins to prioritize tickets and ensure proper efficiency within the organization.
  • Keeping a record of all problems addressed, support centers and authorities can gain insights and valuable information on the common issues faced by the remote as well as on-site staff and resolve them beforehand.

Asset Management Software

It is estimated that as much as 43% of businesses apply manual methods to track assets and inventory. The top reason being the inability of manual methods to fully provide the expected asset management results. Therefore, organizations need a digitalized solution in the form of asset management software that can wholly manage assets in one single board. 

Hybrid Digital WorkplaceAn AMS typically helps businesses manage hundreds and thousands of assets without any fuss. This is done typically by tagging the asset and allowing the software to maintain and monitor the asset performance on its own. The asset inventory can be effectively managed for yielding optimal results and monitor all activities encircling the life cycle of every single asset owned by the company. Having access to every single detail ranging from the date of asset acquisition to the end lease date to the asset history and every aspect in between ensures that companies are able to extract maximum value from their asset inventory.

Advantages of using Asset Management Software

  • Asset management systems can help enterprises in understanding the working of assets and their performance efficiency, which in turn highlights the assets that are yielding a high ROI and the ones that need to be looked out for.
  • Companies can forget about encountering common asset problems like ghosts or lost assets, thanks to the continuous monitoring and reporting of asset management systems.
  • The features like QR code-based asset tagging and tracking make it easy for the staff to locate assets from a huge inventory within seconds and pinpoint the missing assets.
  • With asset management software, companies can be sure of error-free management and accurate reporting can save the companies from experiencing unexpected asset downtime.

Office Seat Booking Software

Gaining popularity nowadays among the employees who like to work partly in-site and partly remote, an office desk booking software is an emerging trend in employee-centric office facilities. Giving the ability to book seats in advance, this software allows the employees to select their working place in the office prior to reaching the workplace. Book from the car or from the comforts of bed at home, this efficient platform empowers the workforce to work in the way they wish for and prefer by providing them freedom of choice in the office spaces.

Hybrid Digital WorkplaceOffice seat booking software operates by presenting a visual floor plan or map view of all the available spaces in the office to all the workers – on-site and remote. The employees can then access and select the desired desk that they wish to acquire and reserve it through the app or desktop. The authorized managers can easily control the availability of desks for employees to select. This kind of software is especially crucial for reopening offices after the pandemic as it makes it fairly easy for authorities to keep social distancing norms and government guidelines. 

How Office desk booking software creates a flexible environment

  • The entire staff has the flexibility to choose their preferred desks using Office desk booking software, inculcating a moving and flexible culture within the premise.
  • Such a system renders insights into the employee behavior like the desks preferred the most, the spaces that are left empty, and so on. This helps the authorities in deriving statistical results for improvements to satisfy the employees.
  • The problem of meeting rooms and conference halls being under-utilized is effectively eradicated with such software in place as all the employees can get a chance to utilize such spaces in an unbiased manner.
  • This software retains the employee details, the number of working hours, the workstations occupied, and easy QR code access, providing crucial data on the space utilization and real estate costs. 

Office Checklist

Employees, on an everyday basis, are required to carry out multiple tasks and operations irrespective of the field or industry. Keeping a list of all tasks sorted according to the priority level is an indispensable requirement. With an office checklist in hand, workers can conveniently toss the paper book and notepads.

With a great checklist app, offices can seamlessly perform operations, complete daily activities, and even gain insight into automated routines occurring within an organization.

Hybrid Digital WorkplaceWhile the modern checklist apps have come way over just the conventional to-do listing apps, one functionality remains similar and that is the simplification and easy usage of creating and ticking the tasks. The present checklist apps allow users to add images, texts, and other graphic elements and set daily reminders among other extra features. They even come with the option of tracking and setting notifications, all in a customized interface to suit all kinds of projects. 

How businesses can benefit from the Office Checklist app

  • The app allows easy prioritization and seamless sorting of tasks according to varied filters for ease of usage and high efficiency.
  • Office checklist apps allow teams to operate in a never-before kind of co-operation and adhesion, allowing them to stay productive at all times.
  • The cloud-based service makes office checklists highly accessible for the users so productivity and operational growth are never compromised.

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