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How to Download YouTube Videos with Y2mate Downloader?

With around 4.80 billion people using the internet today, about 61% of the world’s population, and more than 700,000 new users joining daily, one would have thought these are the ultimate numbers. Surprisingly, most YouTube users are unaware that YouTube alone had more than 10 billion downloads, surpassing the global population!

The growing popularity of YouTube video content is the second-largest search engine after Google and user-friendly platform. Apart from being popular, the videos are easy to share, resulting in them spreading fast and to a massive digital audience. The videos are shared mainly in music, entertainment, comedy, and (how-to).  

Millions of YouTube videos are uploaded daily. However, many of them are cute clips that one can avoid; specific videos would like to watch. This could be a problem for users having weak or non-existent internet connections. Many would like to cut back on their data usage, download a youtube video and continue to watch. 

Why do Users Download Videos?

It is easy to download a YouTube video, save them and watch them later at one’s convenience. The question that can come to one’s mind is whether it is illegal to download YouTube videos? 

Google owns YouTube, and it earns its revenue from advertising and subscriptions. Google also allows one to watch video content for free and return for clicking on ads played on the YouTube video content. Downloading to watch offline is not illegal though there could be morality issues. 

For personal use, it is not illegal though Google does not encourage such practices.  This is the reason why one will not find any YouTube download apps on the Google play store. Still, one can find plenty of free-to-use YouTube downloader apps on the internet that enables one to download videos in different formats. These applications are easy to use, and the downloaders support MP3 and MP4 formats easily.

How to Download YouTube Videos?

While YouTube allows downloading many videos with the download option available on its content, all of them may not be safe. Plus, almost all will be having ads in them. Compared to the online downloaders on YouTube, the desktop downloaders are free and secure with no ads.  One of them is the Y2mate YouTube downloader that allows one to convert and download any video content from various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Y2mate Downloader

Y2 mate downloaders enable one to download videos and save them in formats such as MP3, MP4, WEBM, WMV, FLV, and HD quality also. It downloads from YouTube and other platforms where it supports both audio and video formats. 

Process for Downloading the Video Using Y2mate Youtube Downloader

To convert a youtube video download into Mp3 or Mp4 video format, one can download in 3 simple and quicks steps. 

  1. Select the YouTube video which you would like to download. Select the video link from the URL and copy.
  2. Enter the copied video link in the search box provided by youtube downloader y2mate and then click Download
  3. Select the format, size, and quality of the video and save the file. 

Features of Y2mate Downloader

The Y2mate downloader can analyze all the different types of resolutions, and one can choose from 360p, 720p,1080p, SD, HD, and MP4 files. The High-quality, fast downloads are one of the main highlights of this downloader.  It does not take much time to extract video files, and even a video that is more than an hour long can be downloaded in a few seconds. There are no restrictions on the duration of the video content.    


Y2mate downloader is a helpful website that allows the flexibility to download videos in any format and high quality. One just needs to be careful when it comes to clicking on a harmful website.

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