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Using Search Engines Other Than Google – What Are Your Options

When it comes to searching for information, we cannot think of any other search engine other than the giant Google search engine. The fact is a search marketing and Google marketing can be easily equated. However, in this process, we tend to ignore the other small competitors that operate in the industry. 

Among all internet search engines, Google is enjoying a market share of 90% since 2009 since we regard it to be the best search engine. However, in the last few years, many other search engines have made inroads into the consumer domain like Duckduckgo search engine and Bing search engine. Google alone processes as many as 2 trillion search queries every year. 

As of June 2021, reports suggest that there are as many as 17 smaller search engines and together they account for a market share that is more than .01%. 

In this write-up, let us find out few reasons why you must give the search engines a try as well with specific reference to the Duckduckgo search engine. 

H2 DuckDuckGo search engine – What it does that Google cannot.

Let us delve deeper into few facts about the above search engine in the points that follow.

  • Social media bio

If you want to see someone’s social media profile, you can do so in this search engine without the need to leave the page. so, if you want to get some information about any prominent channel or company, you can just check the profile on the same page. 

  • Expand short links

You must have seen that you oftentimes get a few links that are shortened, and it is difficult to understand just by seeing the links which the company has sent to you. With DuckDuckGo, you can expand the link and find out the same. All you must do is type in expand within quotes followed by the shortened link and close the quotes. 

Not only that, if you want to shorten any link, you can do the same this time just by typing shorten instead of expanding followed by the link. 

  • Stopwatch 

You are allowed to create a timer with Google but you can do the same with DuckDuckGo as well. However, the latter has a stopwatch. If you want to use this type in “stopwatch” and start using it. 

  • Lets you find out the status of a website

Oftentimes, you must have suffered downtimes with websites when you wanted to visit and navigate through them. Most of the time you are not able to find out a reason. But DuckDuckGo will allow you to find out what went wrong with the website you are looking at. All you must do is type DuckDuckGo followed by the keywords within quotes of the website name. 

The above instances are just a few of them. There are many other functionalities that DuckDuckGo offers too. This is a search engine that SEO professionals often use for carrying out their tasks.

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