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Google Shopping Strategies to Employ for Best Results

Ads related to Google shopping make up 56% of spending share, which is more than the search ads that exist in the United States. Data provided by Merkel also states that these Google product listing ads account for 46% of the clicks. 

Since Google shopping campaigns are performing extremely well, they are widely being used by retailers. As such, let us go through a few of the strategies that you can adopt for better success in your business by utilizing the Google smart shopping tips. These tips can be called optimizing strategies. Find out what you can get from the Google stores online

Google shopping strategies for optimum returns

Check out these tips below-

  • Segmentation- According to Crealytics, it was found that there was a difference in how branded searches performed as compared to non-branded searches. To get the most out of this finding, you can develop two different campaigns, one for the branded searches and the other for non-branded searches.
  • Competitive pricing- If you want success in your Google shopping ventures, it is best to keep the pricing competitive. It has also been found that those products that are priced competitively earn more clicks and have shown a higher incidence of conversions. Studies have revealed that cheap products usually generate more web traffic as compared to their counterparts that are priced higher. 
  • Volatility- Research has shown that when it comes to bidding, it is more volatile in the case of Google shopping than on any other Google search network. As such, it makes sense in testing your bids extensively. 
  • Keywords and product title- Another approach that can get you a good number of leads and conversions is to add a keyword to the product title that you are using. We know that product titles have always been an important part of the product feed that requires optimization. As such, include the keywords in your title. It will get more impressions. This was established by Crealytics. 
  • Segmentation using product ID- Products differ by their profit margins as well as costs. As such, it is best to improve your performance by bidding differently for each product. So, segment the Google shopping feed using unique product IDs. 
  • Consider working hours – How your ads will perform will greatly depend on the time of the day. Make sure you alter the bids at least 24 times every day. For this, you must use a bidding script so that it is streamlined during those times when the performance is at its peak and reduces when the performance is low. 

In a nutshell, it is quite likely that the ones that have visited and browsed your website earlier will convert into customers. In this regard, the remarketing list will be of immense help. This will allow your customers to see your ads frequently and more often.

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