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An Overview of Some of the Best Chain Restaurants in USA

The world over, everyone is aware of America’s biggest chain of restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC. And Americans are acquainted well with the concept of chain restaurants. Apart from the big two, several other chains of restaurants have grown and become internationally famous. However, American people are becoming more health-conscious and prefer slower and healthier food. The last decade has seen a shift in the way the restaurant chains have evolved in the USA. Here we take a peek at some of the best gourmet chains of restaurants. 

  • The Melting Pot

Among the most popular restaurants is the Melting Pot restaurant chain that specializes in savory fondues and sweets. The melting pot spreads over a dozen locations in the US and Canada. The restaurant is large and maintains a high standard of quality of service. The meals are designed to share and have a great dining ambiance with a fun and high social quotient. The food menu ranges from crunchy bread and cheese fondues to pure chocolates, fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

  • Roy’s

This pacific cuisine chain is founded in Honolulu by Chef Roy Yamaguchi. The brand owns more than 150 outlets across 48 states and 20 countries under a franchise arrangement. The restaurants feature seafood cuisine with flavors and menus influenced by the islands.  It counts among the American restaurants that lay a great deal of emphasis on tropical fruits, vegetables, and seafood. 

  • Houston’s

This is the quintessential classic American restaurant that serves high-quality steak.  Americans are known to love steak, and Houston’s the best place to get it. The menu is therefore predictable while serving the staple homestyle dish across all its chain. They also serve pork chops, Barbecue ribs, rotisserie chicken with coleslaw, and mashed potato on the side. With fish, chicken, and salad options available, everyone has something for them to relish. 

  • Lemonade

One can feel the bright and sunny feel of California. The dishes are served as gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads in cafeteria-style.  The menu has plenty of choices, and the main USP is the vegetable dishes made in different flavors and techniques. The brand is one of the best chain restaurants (USA) that makes creative and healthy foods and has a large loyal following among different diners. 

  • SugarFish

This restaurant is a relatively small chain in southern California.  The restaurant is known for its traditional sushi, emphasizing purity, simplicity, and good seafood made deliciously.  The menus reflect the Japanese tradition of trusting the expertise and taste of the Chef.  This restaurant is one of the many restaurants operated by the Nozogowa group, which also includes the Nozawa Bar and Kazunori, which serve the original hand rolls. 

  • Fogo De Chao

This is a fully serviced chain of restaurants in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and the Middle East, serving steak straight from the fire. The customers are served with roasted meats, which are selected and paid upfront for a platter. The customers are served directly on their plate with unlimited fill.  The meat dishes consist of beef, pork, and lamb. In addition to the meat dishes, fruit and vegetable salad bars are also included in the price. 

  • Portillo’s

This chain of restaurants is spread to 45 locations in California, Arizona, and Illinois. The trademark of this restaurant is its casual feel with dishes like Italian beef sandwiches, Hotdogs, Italian beef, barbeque Ribs, and the traditional meso American dish, Tamales. This restaurant has vintage vibes with retro settings, making it one of the best chain restaurants (of USA).


The list of restaurants USA that serves gourmet food is plenty. We have looked at some of the best chain restaurants (USA) that serve traditional American delicacies and score high on their innovativeness. 

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