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A Beginner’s Guide to Conversational Marketing

Gone are the days of filling up feedback forms and then waiting for companies to respond in their traditional ways. The demand for instant communication is part of the personal experience that customers expect. Finally, a new strategy that saves companies time and money was the implementation of conversational marketing. 

What is Conversational Marketing?

This type of communication is found when a business uses chatbots, live chats, and social monitoring and engagement with the audience on social media platforms. 

The impact of conversational marketing fosters better customer relationships and more personalized interaction. 

What is the need for Conversational Marketing?

Today with so much information available to the customers, customers know what exactly they want in the product or service. This means brands now are focusing on the customer’s needs, listening to them, taking corrective action on their feedback, and offering convenience to them.  With competition hotting up, personalized marketing is a must.  

Before we look at some of the successful conversational marketing examples, let us see some key benefits

  1. Enables business to collect valuable information about customers
  2. Builds long term relationships through personalized service
  3. Automation leading to 24/7 engagement
  4. Improves customer experience and satisfaction
  5. conversational marketing can help improve lead generation, sales and enhance business growth.

Examples of Conversational Marketing:

  • Domino’s Pizza

Dominos started the tweet to order system that allowed customers to order Pizza by tweeting. This innovative marketing trick back in 2015 created interest among the young customers. Later it expanded to various channels such as Google Home, Slack, Alexa, and Facebook messenger. One could place an order using voice to text command.  This open channel communication made online purchasing quick and simple. 

  • eBay

This eCommerce giant platform used advanced chatbots to engage with customers. The chatbots worked with voice commands—a customer to browse through the products catalog by speaking to Google Home device.  The eBay bot then finds the best deals and then sends them to customers on their phones directly. This was the most efficient form of conversational marketing. 

  • HelloFresh

Leading suppliers of meal kits and recipes launched a bot where customers could interact with them through Facebook messenger. This bot, known as Freddy Fresh, took orders and supplied fresh products and shared recipes. 

  • Health Tap

A healthcare company that used chatbots to answer queries on Facebook messenger. Any health-related question is analyzed by the bot and popular answers to similar questions are extracted and replied to the customer.

Enroll and get a drift Conversational Marketing certification

Leading conversational marketing platforms like DRIFT are empowering marketers to develop conversational marketing and sales skill. 


Tools like HubSpot conversations and Drift have enabled the business to have hundreds of conversations that were impossible earlier. They have made market marketing automation and human contact comes together for business. Conversational marketing has Providing your customers with a better customer experience and increasing the growth of your business.

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