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A Case Study on Tencent QQ

QQ was released with the aid of Tencent QQ enterprise, which is the call of an actual-time communication device. Tencent Holdings is a private IT employer in Shenzhen Guangdong China, which was founded in November 1998. In China, its primary product is Tencent QQ, a product that has an exceptional impact on younger humans. it is certainly one of the biggest included provider vendors on the net and has one of China’s biggest person bases. On June 16, 2004, Tencent was listed at the Hong Kong inventory exchange. As the sector moves into a new generation of globalization, an increasing number of people are connecting to the net to conduct their very own studies. Since it became based, Tencent has been adhering to a commercial enterprise philosophy to preserve all customers’ values in mind. According to the performance report of Tencent QQ, the respectable website of Tencent QQ states that “The wide variety of the energetic number of users using instant messaging reached 636.6 million till 30 September 2010 where the total number of users reached 1.118.7 billion.” Tencent affected the way loads of millions of users communicated and their dwelling conduct, at the same time as developing broader application potentialities for the internet enterprise in China. Tencent’s long-term destiny development plan is to establish a countrywide brand based totally upon impartial innovation. In 2007, Tencent spent billions to build Tencent Research Institute in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, three large cities in China, to research and expand the center basis of the internet generation and build the countrywide industry independence and innovation. The development of Tencent QQ has been speedy, however no longer smooth. Since it was founded there had been many scandals surrounding it such as the current combat with Qihoo. The magazine China computer world, the most comprehensive and expert IT book with the most important circulation in China, pronounced plenty of bad news about Tencent. Despite this terrible publicity, Tencent became capable of consolidating its logo fairness well inside the IT industry. seeing that 1998, Tencent’s brand has grown to be deeply rooted amongst customers, and it enjoys lots of interest across the world.


Tencent QQ was first launched in China in February 1999 under the name OICQ. After the chance of a hallmark infringement lawsuit by using the AOL-owned ICQ, the product’s call became modified to QQ (with “Q” and “QQ” used to mean “cute“). The program inherits the current ICQ functions and additional functions, including program skins, character photos, and emoticons. QQ was originally launched as a real-time &; web communication service. Various features were added later, including chat, video games, personal avatars, online storage, and online dating services. The professional customer runs on Microsoft Windows and a beta public version was launched for Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or more recently. There used to be Internet versions of WebQQ (full version) and WebQQ Mini (light version) using Ajax. However, the development, support, and availability of WebQQ Mini have ceased. On 31 July 2008, Tencent launched a legitimate customer for Linux, but this has no longer been made well suited with the home windows version and it isn’t able to voice chat. In reaction to competition with different immediate messengers, such as home windows live Messenger, Tencent launched Tencent Messenger, which is geared toward corporations.

Competitors of Tencent QQ

A few powerful new competitors appeared which threaten Tencent QQ’s future. Even though Tencent QQ takes first place in the IM enterprise in China, it will face an effective competitor, Sina, whilst expanding the operation of microblog. On the other hand, while Tencent QQ enters the distant places markets, they will locate that Facebook has their marketplace percentage long earlier than. Although Tencent QQ is a successful brand, it additionally has many threats inside the Chinese and remote places markets. Sina and Fb are Tencent QQ’s effective competition and a good way to combat the competition, they have to recognize that ‘realize yourself, know Your combatants, you may win each time’ stated by solar Tzu. Sina is the first one to go into the sector of microblogging in China, a huge opportunity in the market at that time. Sina catches the possibility and does the proper thing at the proper time, people are given it and like it in a quick time, and it turns into a fashion and style in China. It will pay greater interest on the verbal exchange among man or woman to the character no longer simplest the statistics to the person. Virtually, Tencent QQ sees the fulfillment of Sina, it quickly opens a micro log operation, but Sina has opened its market before Tencent QQ. After all, so many of Tencent QQ’s customers might use Tencent QQ’s gun to enter the field of microblogging. Facebook, the most famous social networking provider, originated in American in 2004, and it is also popular in Europe in recent years. Unique from Tencent QQ, Fb is a famous remote place, however, in China, few people have heard about it and those can not use Facebook in China. All in all, Fb is the marketplace leader in the overseas marketplace while Tencent QQ is the leader in the Chinese marketplace. Facebook can be the biggest competitor when Tencent QQ enters the foreign places marketplace.

Future Development of Tencent QQ

On 15 December 2010 Tencent formally launched QQ global v1.0. QQ International helps 3 languages along with English, French, and Japanese. Results from the trial market indicate that the QQ global version continues to be a completely no-advert model Xiao, H. (2010). The target consumer institution is foreigners who stay in China, in addition to those who are interested in the Chinese language lifestyle, in order to expand the advertising and marketing. The launch of the worldwide version is to amplify to another marketplace outside of China. In the meantime, Tencent QQ plans to guide Spanish, German and Korean, a plan to be done in 2011. South Africa’s Naspers Ltd, the biggest shareholder of Tencent QQ, has continued to invest in Russia and Thailand during the last years in internet portals, and instantaneous messaging offerings. Tencent QQ wants to make bigger into distant places markets, however, those remote places markets may additionally nicely have their popular local websites, making it difficult for Tencent QQ to attract local customers and win market proportion. Even though that is a tough hassle and is predicated specifically on foreigners who stay in China and people who are interested in the Chinese language way of life, increasing into the overseas market isn’t always a much-off prospect.

SWOT Analysis of Tencent QQ

In keeping with the SWOT evaluation, it’s necessary to investigate Tencent QQ’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

  • Strengths: Tencent QQ has about ninety% market proportion in China, that’s their largest strength. The terrible herding conduct can’t be neglected, so more and more humans turn into its unswerving customers as an increasing number of customers use it. 
  • Weaknesses: First of all, plagiarism is a deadly weak point for a logo, however, how does Tencent QQ fight it and continue to be a success? Secondly, privacy disclosure, it’ll have a long and deep horrific impact on a brand, you may see how Tencent QQ weathered the difficulties within the following part of privateness disclosure. The closing, it’s miles simply well-known in China, and little foreigners hear about QQ, and the call for QQ will reach the saturation factor in China quickly.
  • Opportunities: Tencent QQ will reach the saturation factor in China quickly, so the new global markets are a massive possibility for Tencent QQ to increase in destiny. Secondly, Microblog is becoming increasingly more famous in China, Tencent QQ can capture this opportunity to expand this new characteristic, with the intention to convey extra clients to Tencent QQ.
  • Threats: The energy competitors are the threats for Tencent QQ, we can say the threats on the part of the competition.


The possibility afforded with the aid of an open market, without competitors, and a profitable enterprise helped Tencent QQ to unexpectedly grow to be the marketplace leader in the Chinese language IM software program enterprise. The fulfillment of Tencent cannot be separated into their efforts as it has a completely useful, easy-to-operate, lovely searching product and recognizes what clients want. The truth that until now it’s been a monopoly industry and they could get lots of help from relevant administrative departments can be omitted. If Tencent continues to plagiarize and no longer guard its customers’ privacy, competitors will discover a way to efficiently capitalize on these errors. businesses like MSN would be very quick to take gain of a situation wherein Tencent QQ has lost its grip available on the market.

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