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Designing Interior Spaces with Digital Staging

Before you get down to designing that room you have your eye on, get the basics first. Digital staging, colloquially referred to as virtual staging is a digitally advanced home staging marketing tool. It allows you to transform that office space, house, or exterior space into a professionally furnished and well decorated usable area. If you can visualize it then it is possible with the Midas touch of digital staging. And this company can help you out when it comes down to outstanding home staging.

When using it to craft that interior space, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you post excellent results. Picking the right working software to use is key to ensure your work is flawless. Below is a list of considerations to factor in when it comes to interior design:

Keep the Buyer in Mind When Using Digital Staging

You might have the sudden urge to go overboard in showcasing your skills to come off as experienced to the client. Hold your horses. Remember you are staging for your client and not yourself. Even if you were overseeing digital staging at Buckingham Palace, the clients’ needs trump experience. Ensure you first consult with your clients to get a feel of what they need before you start working your magic.

Go For a Clean Neutral Look

Unless you have years of experience to work with, always strive to maintain a balance between inviting and oh so clean. Furnishings that are neutral puts everything into perspective. Your clients can better understand the size of the room and plan how to fill the spaces with their own belongings. Make sure that the ideas you use perfectly mirror the reality of our day-to-day working lives and not fantasia.

Prioritize Natural Lighting

Polarized Natural Light

The sun rays seeping in through that bay window is a sight for the eyes. People love to see how light moves around inside their homes unless they are vampires. A well-lit house or room is a bonus. While digital staging does not, under any circumstances, manipulate light using embedded software features or cover up the windows and doors. Embrace those windows

Pick a Focal Point and Make It a Star

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that one chair in the stark center of it. Or a low-hanging chandelier that knocks your socks off? Every room has that one area or a remarkable piece of furniture that tantalizes your attention. Whether it’s a rustic bar area, a Strauss-crystal chandelier, or an open Norwegian fireplace, you get to decide which one is your focal point and turn it into the belle of the show. After you have identified your focal piece you can now build the room around it.

And A Dash Of Color…

Neutral tones may create a clean and neutral look. But for the home or room to come to life, you must zhoosh it up with vibrant colors. Remember to proceed with caution and utmost balance. You don’t have to paint walls to make a statement. Adding subtle items like pieces of timeless art, antique rugs, flowers or even tiny details like children’s toys could make all the difference. Have a theme in mind and bring it to life.

Earth Tones Anyone?

Choosing the perfect color theme that is both pleasant and meets your client’s needs can be a nightmare but is most crucial. Unless you have a specific look in mind, always prioritize earth tones. If you are unsure go for soft beach colors or earth tones with brownish undertones to them. A few potted plants here and there can bring a warm cozy feeling to the home. Psychology says that you tend to feel comfortable around familiar objects and places. And since you experience nature on a day-to-day basis, why not bring it into your own home? That is earth tones for you.

Stay Trendy

Stay Trendy

Image Source- unsplash.com

If you can visualize it then it is achievable. Ideas are limitless when it comes to digital staging. Pinterest also offers a database of ideas and design trends that you can incorporate into your experience. Too much of it and you might just capsize your boat, so do not go overboard. It is noteworthy to remember that understanding your target audience is still a pivotal part of your work. Stay chic but not too hip for your client.

Compensate For What Is Lacking

Unless you are building your own house, you won’t get a perfect house that meets all your living, storage, and space needs. Let this not stop you from listing that office space or home to your potential clients. If the room has very little closet space or none at all, you can use furniture with hidden storage compartments underneath them as an alternative. You get to save on space and ensure any form of clutter can be easily contained.

Final Thoughts

There is numerous software you can use to achieve that captivating well-designed house or office interior. You can either decide to seek professional digital staging services or go the DIY route as long as the results are of high quality. Possibilities are limitless therefore let no one put a cap on your creativity, well except the client of course. The ball is in your court!

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