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The Auto Technologies of 2021: The Top New Tech That’s Changing the Face of the Auto Industry

It’s hard to believe there was a time when we needed physical maps for directions or to manually check our tires to know the air pressure was at the correct PSI level. Nowadays, we can bring up directions on our smartphones or by using the car’s in-dash navigation system. We have alerts for low tire pressure, unsafe lane changes, and a laundry list of other things that pertain to the car’s performance. No matter who you are, you have to admit that technology has made owning, operating, and maintaining a car significantly easier and safer.

There are now more drivers on the road than ever before; however, with the rollout of modern safety features, the fatality rate hasn’t exceeded 40,000 since the year 2007. Since then, safety features have only gotten more advanced and widely available on modern vehicles. In addition to that, convenience and entertainment features have also stepped up their game. The following breaks down the auto technologies we love in 2021.

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)  

We all know that person who could be categorized as a “bad driver.” However, being a bad driver is simply another way of saying they need a little more help than most people. This is exactly where advanced driver-assistance systems come into play. Using advanced sensors and other technologies, ADAS uses machine interference that comes at the correct time to help drivers avoid dangerous situations.

A few of the ADAS features that really stand out include

  • Adaptive cruise control: Just like the classic cruise control, this feature will keep your vehicle at the predetermined speed. However, in the event that the car in front of you is too close, the system will slow you down to maintain a safe distance.
  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB): When your vehicle’s system determines that a collision is imminent, the automatic emergency braking system activates and either avoids or minimizes the collision. Even if you have a slow reaction time, AEB is programmed to react faster than a person.
  • Lane departure warning: For those that have a hard time keeping their car inside the lines, this feature is the perfect solution. Lane departure warning will issue an audio/visual alert in the event your vehicle begins to drift into another lane.
  • Blind-spot alert: A lot of accidents happen due to drivers not knowing there’s another car in their blind spot. However, with a blind-spot alert, you’ll have a warning the next time it happens so that you’re aware.
  • Cross-traffic alert: This is a must-have feature for those that find themselves backing out of their driveways into traffic. The cross-traffic alert tells drivers if there’s anyone coming in their direction.    
  • Reverse brake assist: This feature sends an alert in the event you’re about to back up into something. That includes small objects like trash cans and fire hydrants.  

Digital Keys and Connected Mobile Apps

Car manufacturers are starting to catch on to the fact that everyone likes integrating their lives with their smartphones. We connect them to our homes, our work lives, and now our automobiles. In 2021, the carmakers that don’t yet have fully developed apps are diligently working to bring them into existence. Many of the big manufacturers’ apps (aka digital keys) will allow drivers to lock/unlock the car, check certain diagnostics, and start the car remotely. The digital key is used for the car has an encryption key that can only authenticate when your phone is brought within proximity of your vehicle.

Wireless Smartphone Charging  

We’re finally getting to the point with a lot of cars where we can get rid of at least one cord. Although it’s only common right now on luxury vehicles in the highest trim level, wireless smartphone charging is becoming more and more the norm. Within the next five years, wireless charging should become the standard for all new models of vehicles.

The 360-Degree Camera

When we finally got front and rear bumper cameras, it was hard to believe it would get much better than that. Then, 360-degree cameras came along and raised the bar to another level. This is the perfect piece of equipment to have if you’re the driver of a large truck or SUV that has issues knowing what’s around you. In the event you’re trying to squeeze into a tight space, this trusty camera lets you know what hazards lie in your direct vicinity. Count on this becoming the standard camera in the coming years. It will save vehicle owners a lot of pain and agony from cosmetic body damage.  

Upgrade Your Vehicle Today

Although most of these features are only available on newer model cars, some of them can be added on an a la carte basis. Additionally, there are plenty of other accessories and add-ons that can be installed on a car that will instantly improve your driving experience. For instance, professional car window tinting is an upgrade that will elevate the overall look of the car while also helping control the internal temperature of the interior by blocking UV rays and heat.

There’s also the manner of upgrading your vehicle’s sound system. Car stereo installation in San Diego is available for those looking to upgrade their car’s in-dash unit to something with more features that easily pairs with your smartphone. Speak to your local aftermarket audio specialist for more details. They will also be able to assist with finding the right pair of speakers, subs, and woofers for your sound system upgrade.

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