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How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

Whilst it has its benefits, there’s no denying that since lockdown forced us to flee the office and set up shop from our homes, remote working is taking its toll on our workers. A recent survey revealed that 67% of us feel less connected to our colleagues and 56% find it harder to switch off from work in the evenings. Yet only one-third of respondents had been provided support with their mental health from their employer.

The percentage of personnel permanently working from home is expected to double this year, with research unveiling that almost two-thirds of employers plan to incorporate home working in some way as part of their offering to employees.

With so many of us opting to work remotely, what can businesses do to ensure that our workers continue to feel engaged whilst working from home?

Offer Your Support

First things first, check in on your colleagues. Whether this is an email to the entire firm recognizing the difficulties we’re all feeling, or in personal 121s, ask people if they’re ok – and mean it! The first step to combatting anything affecting our mental health is talking about it. The more we check in on one another and offer our support, the more we feel like we’re not alone.


Angela, from expert booklet printing company instantprint, shares how important it is to ensure workers feel heard:Give your employees an avenue to voice their feedback through surveys or Q&A sessions and actually put changes into action following this feedback. As a manager, fluid communication is key… reach out to those who haven’t reached out to you. They may be the ones who need your support the most!

Get Creative

After endless virtual Happy Hours and quizzes on Teams, the novelty soon wears off and weekly numbers of attendees begin to plummet. The trick is to keep things exciting! Make a week-on-week plan of different activities to keep everyone engaged. Host interesting events for remote workers, such as virtual cooking classes, mixology sessions, and cooperative shows. Essentially, the more interactive you can make your remote events, the better. 

Send Fun and Thoughtful Care Packages 

To show your appreciation, you can send care packages to your employees. These can include food for a virtual lunch or supplies for an online team-building activity that everyone is involved in. Although it may seem like an indulgence, it’s a small way to make a big impact with your staff so they know you really care about their wellbeing and experience at work. Whether it’s a virtual sports day, an arts and crafts workshop, or a culinary challenge, get your thinking caps on and see what you could send out to your colleagues this month!

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