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Penny Stocks to Watch as the Cryptocurrency Market Heats Up

2021 has been a volatile year for crypto micro-cap (or penny) stocks. Take Bitcoin, for example – after starting just below 30,000 USD, it surged to a 52-week high in April. But then, it gave back most of its YTD gains in just a few months.

But after bottoming out in July, cryptocurrencies are rallying again. BTC has jumped more than 40% in the past month – only the US government’s sudden move to regulate crypto transactions stalled things. But despite this latest bout of uncertainty, it’s clear that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

In light of this, crypto penny stocks are set to ride a new wave of momentum. But some of these equities have better fundamentals than others. In this post, we’ll discuss three stocks that are on the move.

Argo Blockchain (OTCMKTS: ARBKF)

Why buy BTC when you can mine it? But in 2021, that’s easier said than done – it costs a minimum of 2,550 USD to buy a single crypto mining machine, and nearly 11,000 USD to mine a single BTC. On top of this, it takes roughly four years for a single miner to produce one BTC. So, to do this job efficiently, you’d need multiple machines.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it. So, why not invest in a successful crypto mining company instead? In this sector, Argo Blockchain is easily one of the leaders. Their operations account for 0.6% of the world’s BTC hash rate, they are moving towards carbon neutrality, and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

At press time, ARB (Argo’s LSE stock symbol) was worth 115.30 – good for a 144.8% YTD increase – an impressive showing, to be sure. But if you can’t buy Argo on the London exchange, you can still invest via the OTC market. Argo (or ARBKF) is up big on that platform as well – 110.6% YTD, to be exact.

However, is ARBKF still a buy at these prices? We believe so – in most countries, talk of banishment has faded away. At worst, governments are seeking to implement regulations and tighten loopholes. Annoying, yes, but it’s also evidence that they’re finally accepting that crypto isn’t budging.

So, as the popularity of BTC, ETH, and other e-coins increases, miners like Argo Blockchain will continue to thrive.

Powerbridge Technologies (NASDAQ: PBTS)

Since 1997, China-based Powerbridge Technologies had provided software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to private and public sector clients. But not long after the dawn of blockchain, they also began to create apps for this platform.

Recently, PBTS has taken another bold leap. As of August 2021, they have entered into a partnership with Cryptodigital Holdings. In this deal, Cryptodigital will supply Powerbridge with crypto miners and consulting services.

In other words, Powerbridge is getting into the crypto mining business. With Cryptodigital’s help, they’ll soon be producing their own BTC and ETH. Soon after the news broke, PBTS shot up more than 60% – only to give back most of its gains in the following days. But Powerbridge is still up 10% pre-surge, and they will still be mining BTC and ETH.

If crypto continues its upward run, the shorts will be wearing eggs on their faces before long.

BIGG Digital Assets (OTCMKTS: BBKCF)

Most crypto investors have heard of Coinbase. But they aren’t the only crypto platform on the web, as there are regional favorites worldwide.

In Canada, Netcoins is that platform. It is a legitimate product that boasts a slick interface, compelling offers, and excellent customer service ratings. Best of all, Netcoins is run by a publicly-traded firm – BIGG Digital Assets.

In addition to Netcoins, BIGG operates several other crypto-related/blockchain-related enterprises. These include BitRank (a risk scoring system that helps companies meet KYC regulations) and QLUE™ (a forensic blockchain tracking service).

Currently, BIGG trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange as BIGG and the OTC market as BBKCF. On both platforms, the company is up about 159% YTD. Its rapid growth, started by the spike in crypto in early 2021, has been fanned by media outlets in Canada. Often, they’ll reference Netcoins, as it is based in Canada (unlike Coinbase).

With cryptocurrencies graduating from trend to a known asset class, demand for services like Netcoins will only grow. As they do, so will the fortunes of stocks like BBKCF.

Not Even the US Government Can Stop Crypto

Never bet against the internet. First, it changed how music was distributed and consumed. Then, through social media platforms like Twitter, it overthrew entire governments. And now, it’s transforming the global financial system.

The American government once mused about banning crypto. Now, they’re settling for regulation. This development is sending a clear signal to investors – cryptocurrencies are here to stay. If these financiers find quality equities to back, their ROI in the coming years could be significant.

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