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Walt Disney Research Report

About Company

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational conglomerate of entertainment and mass media whose headquarter is in Burbank, California at the Walt Disney Studios complex. The “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio” was founded by Roy O. and Walt Disney on October 16, 1923. Before changing its name in 1986 to “Walt Disney Company” it used to operate under the name “Walt Disney Productions” and “The Walt Disney Studio”.

History & Timeline of Disney

1923- It all started with the foundation of Disney Brother Cartoon studio when Walt Disney signed a contract to produce Alice Comedy Series with M.J. Winkler.

1928– The first animated film starring Mickey Mouse- Steamboat Willie has its debut in New York at the Colony Theatre.

1929– The Disney Brother partnership was replaced by the Disney film recording company, Lived Realty & Investment Company, Walt Disney Enterprises, and Walt Disney Production Ltd.

1932- The first debut of full-color cartoon flowers and trees was made this year and for its, Cartoon Short Subject won Academy Award.

1937- The first feature-length animated movie, i.e. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were premiered in Los Angeles at the Carthay Circle Theatre.

1940- The first stock was issued by the company this year and the studio was shifted to Burbank as well.

1950- The first live-action feature- Treasure Island and the first television show- One Hour in Wonderland was out.

1952- WED Enterprises was established by Walt Disney.

1955- This year marks the Disneyland commencement.

1964- The most successful live-action film- Mary Poppins was featured this year.

1971- Opening of the Walt Disney World.

1982- This year holds the initiation of EPCOT.

1983- The first international park, i.e. Tokyo Disneyland was opened and the Disney channel began its broadcasting.

1984- Frank Well was appointed as the president and Michael Eisner as the chairman.

1984- The first touchstone film- splash was premiered.

1986 – The name changed to The Walt Disney Company.

1987- The first Disney Store opened in Glenade at the Glenade Galleria.

1996- Disney merged with Capital Cities/ ABC.

2005Robert A. Iger became the CEO.

2006- Disney acquired Pixar.

2009- Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment.

2012– Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney.

2015- Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released.

2016- Shanghai Disney Resort was opened.

2018- ESPN+ was launched.

2019- It acquired 21st Century Fox.

2020- Bob Chapek became the CEO and Bob Iger, the Chairman.

Businesses by Disney

  • Disney Products, Experiences, and Park

It is the global hub that brings Disney’s franchise, characters, and stories to life through consumer products like video games, books, toys, apparel, etc., vacation experiences, cruise, resorts, and theme parks.

    • Disneyland Resort
    • Walt Disney World
    • Shanghai Disney Resort
    • Disneyland Paris
    • Tokyo Disney Resort
    • HongKong Disneyland
    • Disney Cruiseline
    • Disney Vacation Club
    • Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa
    • Adventures by Disney
    • Walt Disney Imagineering
    • Disney Publishing Worldwide
    • Disney Store
  • Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution(DMED)

DMED comprises direct-to-consumer streaming services & international business units and aligns advertising sales, media distribution, and technology into a single segment for creating and delivering personalized experiences related to consumers globally.

    • Disney
    • ESPN
    • Hulu
    • Hotstar
    • Disney Music Group
  • Studios Content

The Studios Content group includes a collection of world-class studios for entertainment that produces cinematic storytelling of high quality for both streaming and theatrical releases. Disney Theatrical Productions as well as stage shows globally and on Broadway.

    • The Walt Disney Studio
    • Walt Disney Animation Studio
    • Pixar Animation Studio
    • Marvel Studio
    • Lucasfilm Ltd
    • Disney Theatrical Group
    • 20th Century Studios
    • Searchlight Pictures
  • General Entertainment Content

It creates original news and entertainment content for Disney’s streaming platforms, broadcast networks, and cable. 

      • 20th Television
      • ABC Entertainment
      • ABC News
      • ABC Signature
      • Disney Branded Television
      • Freeform
      • FX
      • Hulu Orignal
      • National Geographic
  • Sports Content

The Sports Content group and ESPN produces and acquires ESPN’s sports news, live sports programming, and content related to sports that are non-scripted and original, for ESPN+, and ABC


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