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Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

The final goal of marketing is keeping up with consumers. All the effort to create innovative and visionary staff is to attract and gain new followers and customers. Sometimes, customers themselves create the content figuring out their assumptions about a brand or a service. These contents are valuable in marketing.  

What is user-generated content?

Sometimes technical names sound complicated or we think that they mean a complex issue. Thus, the same happens with the term “user-generated”. It is basically what is created, designed, and posted by the users. These contents are available on social media. People who create these contents do not do it for money in the majority of cases. They aim to find people with similar hobbies, tastes or show their preferences. 

For example, user-generated content of a certain brand helps this brand get data about the consumers of the brand, their likes, and dislikes. MBA admissions consulting’s customer data analyzing services are offered to inspect and evaluate these kinds of data effectively and use the obtained info in charge of the development of the company. If a marketing manager does a correct and effective analysis of the UGC it can become a wonderful advertisement for the company. 

What makes user-generated content effective?

Customers are an essential part of your business. Taking care of your customers is your responsibility. User-generated content can be a direct way to make personalized links with your clients. On the one hand, using their contents you make them direct participants of your advertising campaign. This performance gives them satisfaction and a sense of closer relationship with the company they are customers of. Your customers are satisfied and become more loyal. 

On the other hand, with UGC you create higher credibility about your business. Real-life contents, stories, photos, and videos annex integrity and reliability to your offers. 

Your audience needs to have real-life proof that whatever you offer works. 

How to take advantage of user-generated content?

Thus, how should we use the UGC in marketing?

Find 5 effective ways to use user-generated content in marketing:

Video Content

One of the world’s largest user-generated content platforms is Youtube. In comparison with the traditional Video-on-demand content, UGC has broader media production. Videos created by consumers are more honest and as the brands do not pay for them the audience considers them more reliable and authentic. 

Are these videos practical? 

Of course, they are. These videos are easy to share and comment on. User-generated video contents are real-life contents created by real people and real users of the products. Hundreds of distinguished brands create short video advertisements with UGC videos to promote their products or services. Some distinguished companies that use user-generated content in their brand advertising company are the Dutch supermarket chain LIDL, Ikea, Coca-Cola, Apple, Netflix, Starbucks, or Pampers. UGC can be the future of advertising. Your customer trusts another customer better than your advertisements. It is what the audience claims and numbers prove its effectiveness. 

Your community, your customers, are the best marketing asset you have” 

                                            James McClure, ‎GM Northern Europe at Airbnb.


User-generated content is attractive as customers trust other customers better than company advertisements, is easier to share, and is FREE. The advantage of having user-generated content that captivates and engages thousands of new potential customers is priceless. Sounds like a pun “priceless” and “free”. For free you can see the reviews of the consumers, their feedback.  

Feedback is one of the top observations most of the customers take into consideration. You can get free reviews that will help you carry out your own investigation on the type, age, and tastes of your audience. These reviews can be recollected not only on your site but also on your brand’s Facebook page or a third-party site: Google, Tripadvisor, and more. Be ready to face negative feedback critically. You get something you had to pay for free. The tastes and perspectives of the customers are different. Nothing is perfect and creativity is what will keep your business high.

Make it Fun

Advertisements can be flexible. Connection with your consumers can be fun if you create interactive contents and users participate actively in the process. Offer a task-creating contest. You can ask your customers to create an interactive task. The one with more likes, for example, can win. Afterward, publish this task on your website and as a reward offer discounts or gifts. Using games as a client integration program has been highly used recently. There are hundreds of pages that use different types of games or interactions to make their customers earn points or pass a level. Each completed task or level has compensation. It can be a discount, points to change into discounts, a VIP pass, or similar. Even some supermarkets have made gamification an annual marketing program. 

For instance, the famous Dutch supermarket Lidl offers gamification activities during holidays. As a reward, clients have some points to change for discounts. These activities are apt for children and create the image of something familiar. That is what this Dutch brand is seeking. 

Users Create Hashtags for Your Brand

Hashtags are the soul of social media. Once users create content they use some hashtags for certain social platforms. These hashtags become popular and make your brand popular. Users have their aims in creating the content and they use hashtags to get more views and shares. You gain free advertisement, new customers and more benefits. 

You can use the technique of the contest here as well. Create a hashtag and ask your followers to use it under the content they create about your products. This technique is a good opportunity to communicate with your audience, see and observe their opinion about your products and develop them for the future. Make sure to include your brand name in some of these hashtags and use them in all your posts. Make them individualized and easy to remember. 

Photo Contest

Start a creative photography contest with your brand merchandise. Ask your followers to create content using your brand and the hashtag you want to promote and share it on their social media. This is a perfect way to obtain UGC and use it in the future if necessary. 

Many popular brands ask their followers to create a design for a certain product. The winner gets published, gets followers, and promotes the brand.


Your online community is your source of benefits. Nowadays, online business is rising with huge velocity. The changes that affected the online market during the last few years transferred the major part of the consumption to the virtual platforms. A direct link with your customers and followers, user-generated contents help to humanize your brand. UGC gives a sense of the personalized relationship between you and your community. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, lead-generated content is what gives authenticity to your business. This content is real-life content created by real people. UGC is a charge-free advertisement and opportunity to communicate with your audience. Reviews, feedbacks, hashtags, photo and video content are potential promotions for your business. It is necessary to analyze these conditions and change the features that your audience is not satisfied with. In this article, you have got some tips on how to apply UGC in marketing to enhance and build up your business. 

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