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How To Enter The World Of Front End Development

Frontenders create the face of the site – what you see when you get to any page on the Internet. They also organize the logical operation of the site’s components: content, buttons, and internal links. The main task of such specialists – not only to translate the design layout into code but also to make everything work quickly and conveniently. Learn more about the frontend development and the features of this work https://fireart.studio/front-end-development-services/.

The advantages of working in Front-end make-up

Front-end developer – a designer, layout designer, and programmer in one person. He creates the user interface, understands usability and the experience of interaction (UI and UX). Not surprisingly, IT companies offer such specialists the best working conditions and the highest salaries on the market.

  1. Promising profession. The web development market is growing all over the world. Belarusian IT companies and web studios are among the industry leaders, with whom global brands work.
  2. A wide range of applications. Choose what you like: mobile development, desktop software, websites and applications, development in finance and data processing, etc.
  3. High salary linked to the dollar exchange rate. Front-end developer is the top specialty in IT. Employees are attracted by decent salaries, swanky working conditions, and various bonuses.
  4. Career Opportunities. An experienced specialist in IT chooses projects to his liking.
  5. Lots of vacancies. According to specialized websites, a web developer is one of the most popular IT professions in 2021. This is the category in which all frontend developers are included.
  6. Freelance jobs. A large number of orders are placed on freelance exchanges, even for novice frontend developers.

When describing the professional duties of a frontend developer there is often confusion, which is largely due to the policy of the employers themselves, who want to get everything at once, and even as cheaply as possible. That is why in the vacancies for “layout designers” you can often find requirements similar to those for “Frontend programmers“. Well, among the job descriptions for the “front-end” are listed as must-have skills as a backend developer, which actually makes a job seeker a full-fledged web or full-stack programmer.

There is a curious situation with the names of the jobs themselves. The fact is that front- and react-, javascript- and angular- as well as web-developers are all in one way or another related to the frontend.

Consider now the evolutionary chain: web developers< frontend developers < layout designers. Web-developer has to solve problems related to the frontend-development, and the frontend among other things has to do tasks on the layout, but the amount of his work is generally much more extensive if you compare it with a simple layout.

A front-end developer must become a good layout designer. No need to acquire the level of senior specialist, but at least, he should be able to cope with layouts of various complexity. The significant skills of a layout designer include:

  •       Cross-browser adaptive layout received from a web designer in PSD format – comfortable website display in existing browsers on the device screens;
  •       Valid layout – acquiescence with W3C standards;
  •       Cross-browser adaptive layout of emails for newsletters – every mail client reads the code differently, and you need the letter to display everywhere the same;
  •       Semantic layout – significant organization of code fragments on the page, precise use of tags, identifiers, and clear names of classes;
  •       Search Engine Optimized layout – structured code, loading speed, search engine emphases, description, title, and alt tags + title for images;
  •       Doodling for CMS (website engines) – development of integral templates and their “stretching” on CMS.


FrontEnd developer is quite a versatile fighter in the world of web development. He should be able to make the layout, and create the logic of the client part, and understand the work of the server part of the web application. In order to become a front-end web developer for hire and to master such a vast toolkit is worth investing time, patience, and persistence.

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