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7 Stylish Accessories To Enhance Your Saree Look

Every day, thousands of Indians pull off a killer saree look. Be it for professional purposes or even a wedding. Sarees accentuate not just your appearance but also your personality on all levels. Sarees speak of glamour and elegance, and what adds another feather in the cap are accessories. 

Pairing up your new trendy sarees with carefully chosen accessory pieces can take it up a notch and leave everyone in awe. It not only proves to be a stellar style statement but also gives your latest saree look a pop of shine. To help you with that, we’ve curated an all-you-need-to-know guide for enhancing your style and shaking up the fashionista inside you. 

For a saree look to become extra impressive, it needs an accessory companion. It isn’t necessary that one particular accessory would match all your sarees. Here we have listed some A1 stylish accessories that will surely jazz up your saree look. Read on for a next-level online saree purchase experience! 

1. Oxidized Jewelry

This typical form of jewelry has become all-the-rage. It gives off a very boho-chic saree look whilst keeping it classy. It can range from metallic kadhas and band bracelets to long chains and choker sets. Bohemian hoop earrings are particularly famous, even with indo-western sarees along with big statement nose rings. The oxidized jewelry adds an antique touch to the overall appearance.

2. Waist Belt

The former kamar-bandhs have been transformed and replaced by waist belts. These leather belts give shape and form to your saree look while also giving it an edge. They’re a modern fashion accessory that goes best with chiffon sarees. 

3. Clutches

Since sarees don’t usually come with pockets, handbags come as a savior. And to make it a proper accessory piece requires a good fashion sense, which you truly have!  All that’s left is to pick from the range of clutches available. The potli bag is wildly famous and is ideal for a wedding, but if you’re opting for a more casual look, try small clutches, chained sling bags, and cross-body bags with embellishments that add a bit of bling. 

4. Hair Accessories

Gajras and flowers give your saree look a dainty and delicate vibe. The scent of these accessories is a plus if you want to look and smell like a dream. Apart from these, the dangling ornaments that are fastened with bobby pins and tie up the hair beautifully are definitely a masterstroke when it comes to stylish accessories.

5. Single Kadhas & Bracelet

Gone are the days when you’d fill your hands up till your elbows with shimmery bangles. The current trend is to opt for one big kadha in place of those countless bangles. For those of you who believe in less is more, a thin bracelet looks very sophisticated and pretty for a simply styled saree look. Practicing minimalism is also an important accessory one can wear.

6. Brooches 

Big pearl brooches across the body aligned with the pleats of the pallu look very regal. Brooches are a great way to highlight or emphasize the accessory as well as the embroidery of the saree. A beautiful saree look is guaranteed with the use of brooches.

7. Long Jackets

Mesh jackets are taking the saree world by storm. It would definitely ooze out elegance and be like one of those designer sarees with prices that don’t actually burn a hole in your pocket, all the while making you look like a celebrity straight out of a big fat Indian wedding. The drama that this accessory adds to your saree look is definitely worth it, so make sure to give these a try. 

Now that the ultimate fashion accessory secret is out go ahead and buy them all. You should only choose the best online retail stores like Snapdeal that offer flawless sarees and befitting accessories, all under one roof. Because at the end of the day, what we really desire is Brand Waali Quality, Bazaar Waali Deal, and Snapdeal brings you just that. Unbelievable prices and supreme quality- what else could we ask for? Add to cart today, folks.

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