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How Long Does it Take to Learn Selenium?

So, you are an IT pro looking for a career upgrade! Is it so?

If yes, then you are at the right place as when you go through the lines of this article, you will realize that it is the right time to learn one of the most widely used software testing automation tools, Selenium, by pursuing Selenium certification.

Before understanding what Selenium is, let us first check out why software testing is needed in the first place. 

In the digital era, we live in, we are surrounded by applications or machines all around and dependent on one or the other application for our routine tasks. All of the machines are powered by software that runs them. 

Now, what if this software makes a mistake? To prevent this scenario, the software is tested before deploying and delivering it.

Selenium, one of the most powerful automation testing tools, was developed, keeping in mind the challenges posed by manual testing. There are QA(Quality Assurance) testers to manually test software using various datasets and success/failure rates in each one of them. The task of manual testing is boring, time-consuming, tedious, and cannot be 100% error-free.

On the other hand, with automation testing tools, there are no chances of errors, require very low investment, and takes very little time. Also, it is possible to execute the test multiple times; it supports regression testing as well as functional testing and also supports lights-out execution. 

This is why Selenium is the most widely used testing tool which is used by organizations across the world, as per a report by Indeed. The Certified Professional Selenium Tester or CPST can earn an average annual salary ranging between USD 68,000 and USD 94000. 

So, you notice that it is beneficial to go with automation testing rather than manual testing for several benefits. Now let us look at what selenium is.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source automation testing tool which clearly implies that it is utilized for automating the tests to be carried out on web browsers since web applications are tested over a web browser. 

One thing to note here is that Selenium is an ideal automation testing tool meant only for testing web applications and NOT software or desktop application and mobile application. 

Apart from this drawback, Selenium is best for testing dynamic web applications. 

Acquiring Selenium skills is useful because most organizations rely on proprietary tools offered by vendors that are integrated with Selenium. You can get a certification in Selenium so that you can become a Certified Professional Selenium Tester and get a lucrative career in automation testing. 

With a Selenium certification, you can also become a Selenium Tester, Selenium Automation Engineer, Selenium Test Analyst, and more. 

Why should you learn Selenium?

The reasons are many. Let’s have a look.

  • Increasing demand for Selenium Testers across the globe

Did you know that Selenium saw massive growth and became the most popular of all the web testing tools out there in the market?

There was a massive 300% growth in job postings for Selenium certified professionals, according to Business Wire. 

  • Selenium is a non-proprietary software

Selenium is an open-source tool that is free and accessible anywhere. The tool allows you to customize the code to improve the capabilities of existing functions and classes and better management. Because of its test script generation capability, it is the best web application testing tool. 

  • Selenium is multi-browser compatible

So, you don’t require any specific operating system, browser, or specific hardware for executing Selenium. It allows you to test a website over any browser on the home network itself.

  • Availability of Frameworks

Frameworks and templates are similar. There are different frameworks for driving small and simple changes in your code, such as keyword-driven testing, data-driven testing, hybrid testing, module-driven testing, and so on. 

Other benefits of learning Selenium are its significant presence in the DevOps lifecycle. It can be easily integrated with other tools to achieve automation. It can be used to execute parallel and distributed testing, and selenium tests can be executed without the requirement of GUI and more. 

Certified Selenium Tester

The Certified Selenium Tester Foundation level is meant to train professionals who wish to learn the basic concepts of Selenium WebDriver for creating tests for web applications. The certification validates that you are able to execute tests on web applications so that the website or application to be deployed or delivered is working smoothly. 

A Selenium certification holds great value in the market as web testing is increasingly taking place with wide usage of components along with Mozilla, Chrome, and Edge blocking APIs. 

The certification exam for Certified Selenium Tester is based on a curriculum designed by Learning Objectives that provide frameworks for the exams. The certification exam is in multiple-choice format, for which you get 60 minutes to solve. You can take the exam at the physical center as well as virtually. You are required to score a minimum of 65% to pass the certification exam. 

The exam can be taken by the candidates who have taken formal training as well as ones without any prior course. The advantages of taking a prior course are that you acquire all the skills required to become a Selenium Tester and get familiar with concepts involved in automation testing such as WebDriver, AutoIT, Locating Techniques, TestNG, Wait, Sikuli, mobile testing, Selenium Grid, and Page Object Design Pattern. 

Typically, a training course from an accredited institute, apart from making you acquire the above-mentioned skills, also makes you go through one or more real-life projects so that you get hands-on with automation testing and can use Selenium WebDriver effectively. 

How long does it take to learn Selenium?

If you are determined that you have to master the concepts of Selenium and start with testing web applications as soon as possible, you will require 30 to 40 days to gain expertise in the same. 

You are expected to have prior basic knowledge of any of the coding languages such as PHP, Java, Python, and more.


Since automation testing is increasingly used across the world and offers lucrative salaries, candidates are looking for a career in automation testing with Selenium certification. The training is best suited for software developers interested in testing, quality assurance engineers, test engineers, test managers, and others who wish to learn automation testing.

So, you can make your career in automation testing with just a registration to an online training course.

Enroll now!

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