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Entrepreneur Story Shared By Founder of Servr, Adi Peretz

“We aim to raise hotels’ guest satisfaction to a paramount level”- this is the business principle followed by the young and successful entrepreneur, Founder of Servr, Adi Peretz. 

Adi Peretz, the young and dynamic Founder of Servr Hotels, aims to provide the hotel & hospitality industry with an ultimate level of service through a state-of-the-art and innovative software platform. His passion to provide customer supremacy through revolutionizing the hotel experience serves to be the strong foundation of his business.  

Adi Peretz shares his views on entrepreneurial strategies and tips, and his satisfying moments with Business Upside in this interview.

Edited Excerpts from the Interview

Business Upside [BU]: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Adi Peretz [AP]: Servr started a gap that I sought to fill in the hotel industry. I identified a problem in the unintuitive hotel technology and outdated infrastructure when I worked for multiple years within the hospitality industry. It then continued with an experience that I had during my stay at a 5-star luxury hotel. While in my hotel room, I needed to contact the reception desk. I was, however, taken aback by the only means of communication provided – a landline phone, something which I haven’t personally used in 10 years. This is where I came up with the idea to create the ultimate hotel guest experience app – Servr.

Business Upside [BU]: What was your mission at the outset?

[AP]: We aim to raise hotels’ guest satisfaction to a paramount level. We seek to create a shift in the industry; it is not business as usual. We are redefining the whole guest experience within hotels on a new scale by moving all hotel services onto one intuitive application.

Business Upside [BU]: How do you market your business, and which method has been most successful?

Adi Peretz [AP]: We use a mixture of social media, mailshots, Google ads, and email marketing. Very shortly we will be starting a PR campaign across various regions followed by a global campaign.

Business Upside [BU]: What is unique about your business?

Adi Peretz [AP]: Servr is a fully automated simple, customizable solution to move hotels into the future generation by putting all guest services on one platform, directly on your guests’ phone. It is powered by AI and is the most flexible system available today. It can integrate seamlessly with any PMS system.

At the senior level in the company, we work exclusively with people who have a high amount of knowledge in the hotel industry, but also we are working with small agile agencies dotted around the globe giving us the ability to speak to anyone at any time regardless of their time zone. We also like to offer people an opportunity to get involved in the thought process and decision making at all levels giving Servr a more inclusive and family-like feel to the way we work

Business Upside [BU]: How do you generate new ideas?

Adi Peretz [AP]: I am always looking for ways to improve and add to the product, but as my sole focus is on making Servr GuestX the best product on the market, all of my attention had been focused on that

Business Upside [BU]: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Adi Peretz [AP]: You can learn absolutely anything online, I learned absolutely everything that I had to know, regarding creating and expanding Servr online, there has never been an easier time to create your own business

Business Upside [BU]: What do you look for in an employee? 

Adi Peretz [AP]: Dedication, flexibility, ideas, and the ability to multi-task and not focus solely on one facet of the business. We are a start-up so we are constantly looking for new angles.

Business Upside [BU]: Do you believe there is some sort of formula or pattern to become a successful Businessman?

Adi Peretz [AP]: There are many proven ways which show to work when creating a business, however, the best pattern that I have seen which has helped me the most is taking as much help as you possibly can, never be shy about it as 10 minutes with someone with massive amounts of business experience could save you 5 years of trial and error.

Business Upside [BU]: What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Adi Peretz [AP]: Seeing how much I have helped hoteliers as well as the hotel staff with automation and technology which they have seen to be left far behind.

Business Upside [BU]: What motivates you to become an Entrepreneur?

Adi Peretz [AP]: Creating something new, innovating what is already out there, and making the lives of people more efficient.

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