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Micro-Moments Marketing: Can Brands Leverage the In-vogue Marketing Concept?

Micro-moments take place when prospective customers resort to a gadget – progressively a smartphone to follow up on a requirement to perform something, know something, explore something, view something, or purchase something. These are purpose-oriented moments that are used in decision-making and predilection forming.  

Micro-Moment Marketing Examples

Micro-moments are moments where customers should precisely compare purpose with the message. Search engines are the most prominent micro-moment marketing examples of how crucial these micro-moments are.

What are Micro-Moments in Marketing?

Now, what are micro-moments in marketing? Micro-moments are a purpose-oriented facet of the customer sojourn. You can use them in your marketing endeavours to generate growth. These moments come up with an opportunity for the brands to communicate with and motivate customers at a crucial phase of the purchasing cycle.

For linking with the customers momentarily, the sellers have to dwell in the particular moment for switching perceptions to communications, at once.

Micro-moments are chronological of a particular period and scenario. However, they live in the purview of a wider micro-moments customer journey. 

How to use Micro-Moments in Marketing?

You can use micro-moments in marketing in the following manner:

  • Pinpoint your customers’ “I-wish-to-buy” moments

 You need to discuss with your customers or hear the online conversations in your sector to work out the time, place, and manner in which customers are exploring and making buying decisions. 

  • Stay there during these moments of requirement

As soon as you determine the place and time of your customers for performing these explorations, you can formulate an all-inclusive policy that functions through channels like video, search, display, and social.

  • Provide appropriate content 

Just staying there in the moment is not sufficient. You need to delve into how the concerned people are exploring – the search terminologies they are using, the queries they are making, and generate content that offers useful replies.

  • Make it simple for the customers to carry out a purchase

The buying method has to be hassle-free and smooth. Provide the customer with various options to purchase with as many guidelines and as few clicks as you can.

  • Assess each moment that counts 

Organize every consumer communication and assess how various and assorted channels function collectively for aiding your customers.

You will come across umpteen numbers of micro-moment marketing case studies in various online resources. You can go through them to have a better idea of how to use them more efficiently to boost your marketing campaign.

How brands can leverage this in-vogue Marketing concept of Micro-Moments Marketing

There are techniques to leverage this in-vogue marketing concept and they have been delineated below:

1) Know what’s going on in the customer’s mind

Now, this is a powerful search engine optimization strategy. Brands have to utilize their digital expertise to work this out. When you monitor and assess what particular feature the customer is looking for in your brand, it will assist you in knowing the micro-moments in which his focus should be drawn. A robust SEO scheme would aid in drawing the customer straightaway to the targeted landing page of your site. Remarketing option is there till the time the potential customer switches into an actual one through the generation of a steadfast omnichannel involvement from there onwards.

2) Be present, be helpful, and be contextual          

Contextual targeting via paid advertisements search is a teeming area. Brands that expend a significant amount on Google Adwords typically conquer the top 3 places. Hence, the majority of brands should work out other options to make the most of these micro-moments. Social media networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Quora allow brands to exist in these micro-moments while the potential customers require the brand. Paid advertisements not only allow the brand to turn up on the appropriate occasion, but also make sure that the communication is pertinent, fitting, innovative, and lucid. It is an outstanding value addition for brands that function with a reliable digital marketing associate to innovatively gather market share in the micro-moments. 

3) Leverage information and develop customer sojourns (Analytics-oriented mobile marketing)

Mobile phones are ruling the digital world and one should not be astonished to know that customers view their brands on this handheld device. So, brands need to guarantee that they create optimized content that is reactive on all mobile gadgets. In this era of apps, mobile marketing can easily persuade activities from the customer that can be assembled and switched into perceptions with time. These perceptions can help develop consumer wings and particular sojourns. How does this assist? This can assemble customers who have similar features in terms of their predilection-oriented sporadic activities. It can accept this group of customers and subsequently tailor micro-moment marketing drives. For instance, if a specific group of your customers purchases groceries via your application on the opening day of the month, the concept of smartphone marketing would allow you to captivate this purpose-oriented moment adeptly. Vendors can shape micro-moments into the consumer sojourn to switch the desire of the customer into buying and speed up business.

So, this is how you should manage your micro moments’ customer journey. Micro-moments 2021 will rule the roost as the present statistics demonstrate. Mass personalization and micro-moments are inseparable as far as boosting the digital presence of a business are concerned.

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