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Hiring Techniques to Try When Recruiting Help for Your Business

New business owners may find it difficult to find the right candidates for their open positions. As a business owner, you want to find employees that are the best fit for your company. You want someone who shares your mission statement and values your company just as much as you do. 

Finding the right candidate can be difficult at times, and there’s always the risk of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit. Fortunately, there are resources out there to help you hire the best people and keep them happy.

Job Search Sites

Job search sites are the most popular way businesses hire for their company. In fact, some job search sites add 10 new jobs per second all over the world. With millions of viewers every month, this may seem like the ideal place to post all of your job openings. This can also be a disadvantage, as you can have tons of people applying; and therefore, tons of resumes to review. There is also the possibility that your job postings can easily get looked over, so a niche job site could be a better alternative.

Niche Job Sites

Niche job sites are job search sites that are specific to a type of job or industry. Job seekers flock to these sites when they’re looking for a specific job, or when they can’t find what they’re looking for on other job sites. Some popular niche job sites include:

  • allretailjobs.com for retail jobs
  • archinect.com for architect jobs
  • constructionjobs.com for construction jobs
  • efinancecareers.com for finance jobs
  • healthcarejobsite.com for healthcare jobs
  • journalismjobs.com for journalism jobs
  • k12jobspot.com for education jobs

Don’t be afraid of Social Media

These days, social media isn’t just for posting pictures and connecting with family friends. It’s also a great tool to utilize for hiring potential candidates. With millions of users using at least one social media platform each day, you can benefit from posting job openings on your social media’s business page. Recruiting from social media also gives you an idea of a potential candidate’s personality. Just keep in mind that certain platforms may work better for recruiting employees for your company than others.


Sometimes you need to step outside of your business and hire help from services that specialize in hiring. This is called outsourcing. Many companies today outsource their hiring processes, as well as their employee management, payroll, and termination. The human resources (HR) sector of a company is one of the most common sectors that business owners outsource. When you outsource this portion of your business you do lose some control, but when you choose the best practices for your business, you’re likely to see less employee turnover rates.

Recruitment Marketing

This type of marketing is specific to hiring employees. In the same way, you hire a marketing agency to promote your business to potential clients/customers, a recruitment marketing agency markets your business and work culture to potential employees. They utilize your brand’s mission statement, logo, and other aspects of your business to find the employees that will best fit your company.

ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is business software that handles everyday business tasks, such as accounting, project management, and risk management. Specifically, JDE Software helps with human capital management or hiring and managing employees. This full-service software also offers customer relationship management, order management, and a variety of other services.

As a business owner, you don’t have to spend time looking for potential employees yourself. There are many resources available to help business owners run their companies smoothly and successfully. Many of these hiring techniques are not normally used by companies, but they have been effective for others. Not all of these techniques may work for your company, but they’re all worth trying to find the best employees for your business.

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