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Uber- Research Report

Companies Profile

Uber Technologies which is widely famous as Uber is an American technology firm founded in March 2009. Despite a lot of struggle and controversies, it was successful as a startup and today have changed the taxi industry by providing quality, fast and lower prices services.

Uber History: Idea and Paris

The story of Uber began in 2008 in Paris when Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, two good friends were attending a tech conference named LeWeb. Both the friends sold the startups co-founded by them in 2007. Red Swoosh owned by Kalanick was sold for USD 19 million to Akamai Technologies and eBay bought StumbleUpon from Camp at USD 75 million.

It all started when both the friends were unable to get a cab after the conference on a winter night. “What if you could request a ride from your phone?” was the single idea that gave birth to Uber. The idea was initially to timeshare an ordered service for limo through an app but later, few months after the conference, it was Camp who came up with UberCab.com and fixated on the previous idea.

The Beginning: Uber Cab

Despite running StumbleUpon in 2009, Camp began working on the UberCab prototype as a side business. He soon convinced his friend, Kalanick to be the Chief Incubator for UberCab. The service started with three cars in 2010 in Newyork but officially was launched in May in San Franciso. Ryan Graves who was appointed as the company CEO in August 2010 was earlier its general manager. Graves became a member of the board and COO after Kalanick taking up the position of CEO in December 2010.

It was in 2010 when the first ride was requested and in 2011, it was launched in Paris as well. Uber app gained popularity by providing a service that allowed to order a car without any hurdles and just by tapping a button. The customers could track the GPS location as well the amount charged could get automatically deducted from the user’s account.

Uber Products, Apps, and Other Offerings

  • Ride Options- Acess is given to ride on demand. Ubercomfort, UberPool, UberX, Uber Wav, Scooters, and Uber Black are the different available options.
  • Uber Eats- Allows to order food online from a range of restaurants and get it delivered to the door
  • Uber gives a lot of opportunities. One can drive as well as deliver with uber
  • It is improving public transportation by providing services that are efficient, equitable, and accessible
  • Uber Freight- this application matches carriers with shippers who can easily book for their service and the pricing is upfront.
  • Uber for business

Customer rides or employee travels, the ground transportation requirement can be easily managed. Automated expenses, reporting, and billing are generated every time an employee opts for the service.

Uber Presence

It is present in more than 10,000 cities and provides rides to more than 600 airports worldwide. Here is a list of 71 countries uber operates in:

what is uber

Ubers Subsidiaries

Routematch Holdings Inc. Rasier-CA IIc
Uber Sao Paulo Post Intelligence Inc.
2G Transits Solution Inc Uber International C.V
NaviTrans Software orderTalk, Inc.
Uber India Technology RouteMatch Software Inc.
Autocab International Limited Apparate USA LLC
Uber Works, Inc. Geometric Intelligence Inc.
Complex Polygon Inc. deCarta, Inc.
Social Bicycles Inc. Uber Germany GmbH
Xchange Leasing LLC MLU B.V.
Uber Freight LLC Portier LLC
Uber India Systems Private Limited Rasier LLC
Ottomotto Mighty AI, Inc.
Jump Cornershop, Inc.
Careem Postmates
Uber Eats  



Uber Finances 

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