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Innovations That Will Help Build A Future

Technology is a beast that has always moved to the beat of its own drum. Right now, we are in the golden era of technology. Not since the industrial revolution has there been such a clamor for innovation and ingenuity. The internet especially has spawned such an amazing amalgamation of new avenues and jobs especially.  

People have latched onto the internet, in a way that makes the TV look like the least pervasive thing of all time! There are scores of new jobs and businesses associated with the internet, right from video to audio file conversion, to niche SaaS offerings like a random shape generator for graphic design specialists, to online management of personal assets and liabilities, etc.

Now thanks to the creation of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, we can safely assume that the future of humanity is tech-savvy. Let’s look at some other futuristic technologies which are on the horizon –

1. Energy-conserving bricks

Although the study is currently in the proof-of-concept stage, it seems to be promising enough to be included on this list. Researchers at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, discovered a technique for converting inexpensive and readily accessible construction materials into “smart bricks” that store energy like a battery. According to the study, they may “store a significant quantity of energy” and “be recharged hundreds of thousands of times within an hour.” The researchers came up with a clever way to turn our apparently innocuous red bricks into a supercapacitor. This entails applying a conducting coating called Pedot on brick samples, which subsequently seeped through the porous structure of the burned bricks, transforming them into “energy-storing electrodes.”

2. Futuristic guide dogs

There are many visually impaired individuals throughout the globe who are unable to utilize a genuine guide dog for various reasons. A Loughborough University student has chosen to assist them by creating the world’s first robotic guide dog. This robot dog will carry out its duties in the same way as a genuine guard dog would. Theia is a compact and concealable handheld gadget that leads people through outside settings and vast interior rooms with very little input. It is named after the titan goddess of sight. Theia (the robot dog) moves users’ hands and physically “leads” them, much like a guide dog, using a unique control moment gyroscope (CMG). The gadget is intended to analyze real-time internet data such as traffic density (pedestrians and automobiles) and weather in order to direct users to their destinations correctly and safely. It also includes a failsafe for high-risk situations, such as high-speed traffic, when it gives the user control.

3. Sweat-powered smartwatches

This is seriously one of the most mind-boggling things ever! We have heard of devices being powered with the heartbeat, but sweat? Thanks to the engineers at the prestigious University of Glasgow, a sweat-powered smartwatch is currently in the works. They have engineered a new kind of supercapacitor that is flexible enough to replace the conventional electrolytes in batteries with sweat and still function. It even has some amazing stats where it can be completely charged with hardly 20 microliters of fluid & is quite robust enough to endure 4,000 cycles of the categories of flexes & bends it might encounter in use!

This is just a tiny fraction of a whole gamut of things just waiting to usher in a brighter and more tech-savvy future! If you’re active on social media, this is a veritable golden age. With so many innovations across so many sectors, top influencers have no trouble finding great Instagram story ideas and more to build out entertaining and informative content.

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Daniyel Carlson
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