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How Does A Business Analyst Internship Help?

All students should have an internship as a part of their college experience. Internships offer fresher and students a glimpse into the work-life, develop their professional aptitude, and open doors to greater opportunities.

Internships are like a test drive. It allows the individual to decide before committing to a career if the profession is right and worth the effort.

Internships are a great way to teach budding professionals about specific industries and roles they might be interested in. They allow you to experience real-world work-life as you work with a diverse group of people in a controlled and stable environment. An internship will enable you to show potential employers your talents, dedication, and value. 

This blog will focus on the Business Analyst role, one of the most sought-after internships in business. It is an excellent interning option for those who are interested in business analysis as a career.

Interns of business analysis will gain insight into the business knowledge and learn how research is done to improve various business functions. Business analyst interns will learn how to initiate initiatives and write reports and statements about the benefits and costs and benefits of process reformation. Report writing, data analysis, and system issue resolution are some of the daily tasks a BA intern is likely to be assigned.

Here are some tips and information about an internship like this.

Places you can apply for an internship as a Business Analyst.

Many organizations and companies, both large and small, offer Internship opportunities. These opportunities are available through various channels, including company websites, internship sites, Campus Placement Cells, and LinkedIn.

Company Websites 

You should keep an eye out for internship opportunities on the websites of the companies. Many large companies post internship positions on their websites in the employment section. The position details are posted, including the required qualifications, job description, and whether the internship is part-time or full-time. You can sign up for alerts relevant to your interests.

Internship Sites

Scholars, Glassdoor, LetsIntern, and SmartRecruiters are a few of the many sites that connect students/freshers to internship opportunities at various companies. These sites will allow you to create a profile, which will make it easier for these companies to reach you.

Campus Placement Cells

Many colleges have placement offices that assist students in finding employment opportunities at various companies. The placement cells are in contact with hiring departments in multiple organizations. Register with your on-campus placement cell for an opportunity.


LinkedIn is a professional network and an excellent place for internship opportunities where it is possible to reach out directly to recruiters and build a strong network. Employers will be able to see your professional portfolio and determine if it is suitable for them.

As per a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a BA internship is more lucrative than other internship opportunities. An average business analyst intern makes around $24 per hour. This translates into approximately $50k annually.

The largest number of BA interns are employed in the finance and technology sectors. The Healthcare industry pays the highest, and the manufacturing and technology industries pay lower than the rest.

Interview Process for a Business Analysis Internship

Although business analysts can come from any background, most companies prefer those with a degree or certificate in business administration, finance, information systems management, or economics.

Your education, work experience, and skills should all be included in your resume. It’s okay not to have any work experience, even if you’re a student. Highlight the projects you have worked on to show your business knowledge and your analytical skills. Organizations are interested in candidates who have an interest in the subject.

Many factors affect the interview process. Most organizations have a face-to-face or virtual interview that evaluates your knowledge and skills or conducts a skills test. They can assess your problem-solving, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. 

Soft skills and technical skills such as Tableau, SQL, Python, etc., are valuable skills to have. You will get good brownie points for highlighting your technical expertise in presentation tools such as Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Sheets.

What are the skills you need to acquire during your Business Analysis Internship program?

Analytical Skills

Business analysts need to have good analytical skills to do their jobs effectively. Analyzing data, user input surveys, and documents is an essential part of a Business Analyst’s job as it helps determine the best way to solve a business problem.  It is necessary to understand and sharpen your analytical skills as an intern.

Communication skills

A business analyst intern should master the art of communication, as they will need to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders regularly as a BA.

Business analysts should be able to communicate clearly and effectively in both written and verbal communication. They should be clear and concise to make their point. Business analysts’ ability to communicate details such as change requests, project requirements, and testing results may be critical skills to the success of a project.

Interpersonal skills

Business analysts must have strong interpersonal skills to succeed in their job. Interpersonal skills are essential for business analysts who work with many people, as BAs are required to lead meetings, solve conflicts, present, negotiate, and participate in requirements elicitation. 

Problem Solving

Each project within an organization is, in essence, a solution to a problem. The job of a business analyst is to identify the problem and help the team understand it. They must also outline the project parameters and suggest possible solutions. Business analysts often have to deal with unpredictable and unplanned changes, so a BA’s job is to find a solution quickly and move towards completing the project.

Time Management

Time is money. This adage has been repeated many times. Like professionals in other fields, business analysts work under tight deadlines. A critical skill for project success is the ability to manage their time well. A Business Analyst must be able to manage time effectively and fulfill their daily responsibilities.

These time management skills are essential for interns as they will help you grow as a Business Analyst. This can be done by following the lead Business Analyst under whom you are currently working by learning from the lead business analyst and taking notes. Then, time management skills can be developed by applying that acquired knowledge in your everyday work.

A significant step towards a successful career in business analysis is to become certified and trained. BA certification and training can be a great way to launch your BA career. Accreditations like ECBA from IIBA can be of great assistance and are a great way to start your BA career. CBAP & ECBA is for people who are interested in business analysis. You will also benefit significantly from the mentorship of someone who has business analysis experience. Mentors can help you pass your certification exam and help you become a successful In-demand Business analyst Resume.

The Business Analyst job is ideal for analytical thinkers and those interested in finding better ways to perform their tasks. An internship is an effective way to test the BA role and determine if it is right for you. Internships will give you valuable exposure and experience that will help you to pursue a bright career in business analysis.

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