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Studio Flat vs. 1-Bedroom Flat – the Differences and how to Choose the Right One?

Many people prefer a studio apartment to a one-bedroom flat, since the rent is often lower, but is it actually worth it in the end? Here are some of the differences between the two. What are the pros and cons of each?

Are studio flats worth it?

Oftentimes, the money you save on rent by choosing a studio apartment is not enough to make this a good long-term solution. Of course, it depends where you are looking to rent a flat. Rents in London can be extremely high, and you might be happy to save a few hundred pounds after choosing a studio flat over a 1-bedroom (especially if you spend most of your time at work anyway). 

However, studio apartments can quickly become a bit claustrophobic, and you may have a hard time finding a way to spend some time alone if you are sharing it. Additionally, the storage solutions are limited in a studio flat, especially if you would like to avoid adding too much furniture. 

The good news is that studio flats are much more affordable than other types of apartments and usually the utility bills are also lower because it doesn’t take long to heat a small flat. 

Should I choose a 1-bed flat?

If you can afford it, then choose this option, but as mentioned above, you may also have to factor in higher heating costs and it will usually take longer to clean the apartment. A 1-bed flat usually includes a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and even a lounge. But before you make up your mind, decide which area you prefer. Maybe the studio flat you just viewed is in a very good location, close to work or next to your favorite restaurant and shops. 

What do you need to consider when you plan to rent a studio flat or a 1-bedroom flat? 

A modern studio flat with an open-plan kitchen and insulated windows in your favorite neighborhood may be more appealing than a one-bedroom flat in an inconvenient location with poor insulation and higher heating costs. Think about what is important to you. Would you like to invite friends over? Do you love to have a separate living room or kitchen? Do you have enough room for your pet? All of these are very personal decisions. 

Another thing to consider is furnished vs. unfurnished apartments.  Unfurnished flats may cost you less in the beginning, since you may not have to buy any furniture, but you will likely have to pay for any damages when you move out. 

Because of their small size, there is a higher risk of damaging some of the furniture in a studio flat. In order to save money, increase your budget and protect your interior, you should consider tenant content insurance, which is often transferrable and can be used for your next home or even if you decide to purchase a home. 

If you are only interested in a short-term solution, a studio flat can make more sense. It will be easier to move if you don’t have much furniture to carry.

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