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What Can You Use Bitcoin To Pay For In 2021?

Vehicles, food, VPNs – you name it, and you can probably buy it with bitcoin. With bitcoin adoption gaining the hearts of consumers, there are now more companies that will take digital currency for their products. Rather than let your digital currencies burn a hole through your wallet, here are some of our favorite places to buy and sell products with bitcoin.


Although Tesla has recently announced they aren’t taking bitcoin anymore, many bitcoin-friendly car dealerships still exist. You can now purchase nearly any luxury brand, including Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, and Bugatti, with bitcoin. Many off-road vehicles, motorhomes, and classic cars can also be purchased with digital currency.

Lottery tickets

You know what they say; it takes money to make money. Therefore, purchasing a Powerball ticket might be one way you can add to your wealth. For those in Minnesota and New Hampshire, the Jackpocket app will now accept bitcoin to purchase lottery tickets. There are also several bitcoin lotteries you can enter with your digital currency.

Fast food

If you have been following the history of bitcoin for a while, you might have noticed things have changed slightly. The first purchase ever made was an exchange of 10,000 BTC for two pizzas. Knowing the price of bitcoin today, this might sound completely absurd. Today, a single bitcoin would buy you quite a bit more than two pizzas. In keeping with tradition, Pizza Hut in Venezuela announced that they would accept bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. To make this possible, the company partnered with a popular cryptocurrency payment processor.

The interesting thing is that Pizza Hut is just one of many restaurant chains to accept Bitcoin. Another is Domino’s Pizza who uses Lightning Network to route your pizza directly to you. In exchange for bitcoin, of course.

A Virtual Private Network

Protecting your identity is no small matter. As a result, virtual private networks (VPN’s) were among the first services to start taking payments in bitcoin. Among the most notable providers include NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, and ProtonVPN. While many believe that using Bitcoin will help to protect their identity, crypto forensics firms and governments can still track down payments, especially with new Know Your Customer (KYC) policies in place by exchanges today.

Travel and flights

Traveling around the world may seem risky to some, especially since one small leak of information can ruin your vacation and credit history. Bitcoin may be the perfect solution. 

Travala is a specialized travel platform that has partnerships with several hotels and airlines around the world. Another option is Peach Aviation, a Japanese budget airline. With discount flights across northern Asia, users now have a variety of options to spend their bitcoin.

Several vacation rental websites have also begun to accept bitcoin for their properties. Among them is Caribound, a vacation rental website in the Caribbean with over 1000 luxury homes. Vacation goers can choose trips from affordable island getaways to a night at a private luxury villa.

UNICEF Donations

Another way to spend your money with cryptocurrency is through the UNICEF Cryptocurrency Fund. In October 2019, UNICEF began accepting donations in bitcoin and ether, creating history as the first United Nations organization to do so. UNICEF’s work with cryptocurrency doesn’t stop here. Instead, this initiative is part of the charity’s ongoing work with blockchain technology, including a co-leadership with the UN Innovation Network.

Coca-Cola fresh from a vending machine

Manufacturers have developed Coca-Cola vending machines to operate on the lightning network. As a result, customers can get their favorite soda in exchange for an equivalent fraction of bitcoin.

Groceries in Japan

The popular retail giant, Rakuten, has recently started accepting bitcoin payments from global marketplaces through a payment processor. The company is joining online retailers such as Overstock.com and Newegg in terms of size, with nearly 95 million registered users for those unfamiliar with the name. More recently, the firm has announced they will allow customers to exchange bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash for Rakuten Cash. Customers can also use their crypto to pay any merchant, such as several supermarkets that accept Rakuten Pay or the Rakuten Point Card.


Music sites are now accepting the new form of digital currency. Among them is Bittunes. The company is a global music system that allows artists to maintain their rights to their music and share sales revenue with their fans through bitcoin. The competitive marketplace allows new artists to self-publish music without a record label and get paid instantly. Currently, Bittunes is available in 100 countries and has over a million users.

Wallet sleeves

For those looking for products made out of beautiful, handcrafted leather from Italy, look no further. Joli Originals, an independent design studio in Holland, specializes in wallet sleeves, laptop cases, and many other unique products made with thread normally used in climbing ropes. The use of this material is both beautiful and super durable. The site only accepts bitcoin in addition to Paypal, Credit Card, or iDeal payments.


When you put a cryptocurrency enthusiast and candy together, it is no wonder you get a candy dispenser that accepts bitcoin. Sweetbit is a device created that listens for bitcoin transactions and dispenses candy in the equivalent amount. The creator shares that this was invented to help promote the integration of bitcoin payments in our daily lives. To help get the word out, the code is available to the public on Github.

Funeral services

We hope that you won’t have to pay for a funeral any time soon. Funerals can be costly, which is where using some of your bitcoin can come in handy. Minnesota’s Crescent Tide Funeral and Cremation Services are just one of the funeral service providers that will accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Although few people have used this payment option, the company still sees a benefit to accepting a secure and irreversible payment. Currently, the techy customers who have become avid bitcoin collectors are also the same people who will be funding deathcare services for their loved ones or make arrangements to cover their own expenses in the future.

A latte from Starbucks

Starbucks doesn’t accept bitcoin directly just yet, but buying your latte is still possible. Using a payment app called Bakkt, coffee lovers can use bitcoin, which will be transferred to a Starbucks Card. Customers can upload the balance through the Starbucks account on their app to be scanned when they arrive at their preferred location.

A dishwasher

Newegg has become a popular retailer for electronics online. On this platform, users can browse a diverse set of products, from laptops and software to a drone. The platform makes it easy to fulfill your transaction and is as simple as conducting any other online purchase. 


This diverse group of products truly proves that there are more options to spend your digital currency than ever before. Whether you are looking for options to shop online or purchase locally, there are many platforms ready for your picking.

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