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This is Why You Need to Hire a Web Designer for Your Business Website

Have you ever heard of a little thing called “bounce rate?” If you have a website, bounce rate is something that you seriously want to avoid. But we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Every business that wants to get a piece of the digital marketplace has to have a website. Perhaps you already have one, but you’re getting little to no traffic at all. If this is the case it can depend on several factors, like being outdated, but one of the major causes is the design of your site itself.

Professional web design and development services know the craft of creating a website and much more goes into this strategy than you might think. Even the tiniest misplaced element can distort the flow of your site, and this will deter people from continuing to browse your website.

No matter where you’re located or the reason, whether you’re looking for a Chicago web design company or if you’re simply flustered with trying to do it on your own, if you’d like to know the benefits of using a professional web designer, the following tutorial will make this clear.

Bounce Rate

Most people who browse your website will leave shortly after viewing the homepage. When this happens, it’s called “bounce.” 

If your website is not professionally designed, your bounce rate will probably be much higher than you want it to be. The art of professional web design integrates techniques that will engage your audience and compel them to go deeper into your website and continue browsing.

A bounce rate of 41-55 percent is what digital marketing analysts consider to be average. This being said, anything over 55 percent is considered “bad bounce.” By having a professionally designed site, you’re able to keep a potential customer on your page longer, hopefully funneling them into a sale, while mitigating customer bounce altogether. 

Statistics show that customers stay on your site longer when you have a professionally designed site. 

Higher SERP Rankings

The slot you’re placed in when a user searches for keywords related to your business is your ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The higher your ranking, the more organic traffic you’ll receive. 

If you’re unfamiliar with SERP rankings, don’t feel like you’re alone. Many SEO companies and web analysts still struggle to find the best strategy to land their clients on the first page of a search engine’s SERP.

When you have a professionally designed site, this increases your chances of being ranked higher on all search engines, mainly Google. And since Google controls over 90 percent of the search engine space, this is one tech giant that you want to favor. 

Build Your Brand

Your brand represents your business. This includes elements of your entire business model such as your logo, core philosophy, services that you’re known for, and what makes you stand apart from the competition.

When you hire a web designer, these individuals know how to weave your brand identity into the makeup of your website. Whether this is by incorporating the colors you use on your signage, your logo, or having an About page that details who you are as a business, all of these elements have to be carefully considered when building a website.

In the modern business world, it’s critical to your success that your customers identify with your brand, and having a website that reflects you is important when customers are in the research and relationship-building phase of a sales journey. 

Considering Web Design

As a rule of thumb, when you’re in business, you want to make a customer’s first impression the best experience possible. Often, a customer’s first impression of you will be when he or she visits your website, especially in the digital marketplace.

A web designer knows how to create an engaging design, one that will not only give a customer the best impression of you and your business possible but one that will draw them in and keep them browsing.

You could be the lone wolf and design your site on your own, but without proper skills and strategy, your site might end up as one of the millions of websites that are floating around in cyberspace, begging for their first visit.

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