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Things to Consider Before Setting Up a Private Healthcare Practice

Healthcare is an essential part of any community, and these services will always be in demand. This is why opening a private healthcare practice can be a very lucrative endeavor, but just like any business, it will require careful planning and consideration to make it a success. If you have worked in the healthcare industry and have an entrepreneurial spirit, perhaps you feel like it’s time to take your expertise to the next level and start a private practice yourself? If so, below are some of the key things you’ll need to think about to help you get started and to make sure your business is a successful one.

A Business Plan and Marketing

The first place to start for any type of business is doing some thorough market research that you will use to develop your business plan. Although healthcare is something that will always be in demand, you’ll still need to understand the needs of your future customers and what kind of pricing you can charge for different treatments and services. If you are going to open a specific clinic that specializes in mental health, cosmetics treatments, dentistry, etc., you’ll need to focus your research on these branches of healthcare. You’ll also need to think about your business branding and how this will be received by your target audience and used throughout your marketing campaigns. Using digital marketing strategies is a must for any modern business as most people search for products and services online. You might also want to consider offering customers introductory rates or different packages that they can sign up for and pay for monthly that cover certain treatments, and so on. You can find out more about how to write a business plan for a private healthcare practice here.

Patient Record Retrieval

You will also need to think about how you’re going to get your patients’ medical records once they sign up with your practice. The patient will have to give consent to having their records passed on to you from their previous GP; otherwise, you won’t have access to this information due to data protection laws. The patient will have to obtain a copy of their records to pass on to you, usually at their expense. If your patients ask for a copy of their medical records that you have, you’ll likely need to use a medical transcription service. This will put their notes into a more concise document that is easier to understand. You might also need this service for consultants that your patient has been referred to so that they have an up-to-date record of what the patient’s issues are, previous treatments, tests, etc.


Another thing you must factor into your business planning is setting up system security. This includes keeping the clinic secure through CCTV, alarms systems, coded doors, etc., and cyber-security. Keeping your patients’ and employees’ data safe is essential, and you might want to look into using IT services to help you maintain your business networks and to keep your cyber-security updated at all times. Cloud computer systems are popular choices because they are flexible, they keep your files backed up, and are secure. Speak to an IT service to find out more about what they can offer you.


You should also be mindful about the location you choose to open your private practice in. Some places will be more expensive to lease than others, so your budget will impact which location you choose, but it needs to be somewhere that is easy to get to and a place that patients will feel safe visiting. Preferably a location that provides a place to park a car nearby or on-site, but also isn’t too far from public transport links for your staff and patients that don’t drive or own a personal vehicle. The building you choose to open your private practice in will also need to be big enough to accommodate the type of healthcare services you’re providing and, ideally, will have been designed with this in mind. Take the time to visit a few different sites within your budget before settling on one to make sure it’s the right fit for you.


Private healthcare does tend to be more expensive, and this is because the markup on a lot of medications and the need for specialist equipment can be very high. You will need to price your treatments to make sure that you’re making a profit, but as mentioned previously, offering patients the option of making monthly payments to cover certain costs or introductory rates to see if they are happy to pay the full price for your services is something worth exploring. Do some research into what other private healthcare clinics are charging in your area and see if you can offer competitive prices or use them as a guideline to what you should be charging.

Services Provided

This will depend on what type of healthcare clinic you’re planning to open. For example, if you are going to open a dental clinic, things like routine check-ups, cleaning, x-rays, fitting braces, and retainers, etc., will all be part of it. You might also want to offer some cosmetic dentistry as well, such as teeth whitening or veneers. However, you might not be able to offer as many services as you’d like to begin with due to a small team of employees, budgets, and so on. You can always start doing more on-site as your business develops, but until then, you might need to refer your patients elsewhere for specific treatments that you don’t offer at your practice. Make connections with other healthcare providers in your local area so that you can make these referrals quickly and easily, which will keep your patients happy and make sure they are getting the help they need as soon as possible.

Hire the Right Team

Finally, you can’t possibly provide excellent standards of care to your patients while trying to manage all the other aspects of business management. This is why hiring a team of healthcare professionals to join your practice is key. This includes those who have experience working in administrative roles in a healthcare setting, as they will be the ones assisting you with your organization, managing patient records, and so on. You may want to use a recruitment agency to help you find the best candidates for your team.

If you want to start a private healthcare practice of any kind, remember to consider all of the above in the early stages of your planning to help give you the best chance of success and to give your patients the quality care that they deserve.

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