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5 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Integrate Local Service Ads into Their SEM Strategy

Local Service Ads are Native Remarketing for Google: they don’t require any additional investment into a different platform, and the data is available right in AdWords. LSAs have opened the door for firms to show their ads in more places, ultimately increasing visibility and awareness of a practice.

This, in turn, increases client acquisition opportunities (think passing business cards), along with time spent on site, email opt-ins, and other valuable conversion events. Google introduces LSAs for lawyers, and now those results gobble up 33% of all first page clicks that would have previously gone elsewhere.

It’s pretty easy to see how LSAs are converting, and we can tell by looking at the competitive landscape that attorneys within a particular area are paying close attention to. It’s high time law firms integrate Local Service Ads into their search engine marketing efforts by hiring search engine marketing services.

With greater visibility of attorney ads on Google maps, it’s pretty easy for Law Firms to compete head-to-head with general counsel firms, marketing firms, and executive recruiters with an online presence that “comes with the territory.”

What are Local Service Ads?

These are advertisements placed on websites and search engines specifically designed to appeal to visitors from your local area. When visitors see these ads, they are more likely to do some things that help boost a business’s visibility on search engines such as Google. Why should you focus on getting targeted traffic from your local area? There are several benefits, but the primary reason is that this approach can help you stand out from other law firms and improve your profitability.

Local service ads allow law firms to reach potential clients closer to where they are – reducing the time and cost of administering an expensive nationwide advertising campaign. It offers law firms a chance to gain an extraordinary advantage over their competition by allowing them to advertise in the places where they know people live, work and spend their time.

Why use LSAs for your law firm?

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a cost-effective way for law firms to promote their services online. As more companies rely on digital channels to attract new customers “and retain existing ones”, the demand for legal marketing solutions is only expected to increase.

LSA can help you gain new prospects, expand your customer base, and even save money by reducing the number of marketing costs associated with handling your local area. Most firms specializing in corporate or labor relations will utilize LSA advertising strategies to help improve sales and productivity.

5 reasons why Law firms should integrate Local Service Ads into their SEM strategy

While traditional internet marketing and search engine marketing have become more sophisticated, local service advertising has remained a profitable way to connect with and service your local market. It has a lot of room for growth. Why may you ask? It provides a powerful new way for law firms to interact with their local markets.

  • Create stronger client relationships

Many law firms are now competing for the same clients and placing their ads in the same places. This increases the chance of clients referring friends or family to you, and increased client referrals lead to more business for you. Consider taking advantage of this by placing ads on local service forums and other places where people are usually looking for legal services. You could also create an e-commerce website where clients can purchase directly from you rather than going through a retail store and all of its associated costs.

  • Receive highly targeted prospects

Law firms recognize that their online presence is a critical component in delivering more business. They do this by targeting potential clients with Local Service Ads, which are automatically shown through Google Adwords. These targeted ads allow firms to reach precisely the right consumers, typically those living in the same area as the law firm but who have not previously shown any interest in receiving legal services from that firm. Having access to individuals in your community that could potentially be interested in your services or products can be precious.

  • Increased leads from people who are in the decision-making stage

The way we build relationships has changed. The best firms understand that people will follow the lead of others. This is why legal marketing firms should include calls to action for local searches in their SEM strategy. Lead generation from locals has historically had a lower cost per conversion but has seen an increasing demand for localization services. By including these calls to action in your ad spend, local marketing firms can reach prospects who are more likely to make impulse buying decisions.

Targeting in this way not only increases your conversion rate but also ensures that your marketing dollars are being put to use by people who would have never heard about or seen your brand/ product.

  • Save time with LSAs and their automation capabilities

Firms that successfully integrate Local Service Ads into their digital marketing strategies get better results from their clients and grow organically in the targeted traffic they attract. Many online marketplaces have rules limiting the amount of time an advertiser can spend advertising a specific product or service. By having access to localized service ads and placing them in the places where your prospective clients may be looking, you can effectively target them with nearby advertising opportunities relevant to their search terms. It will not only help you attract new leads but also expand your existing client base.

  • Remarketing targets and re-directs visitors to your site

Through remarketing, you can target potential clients directly without leaving your site. It effectively re-directs them to your product or service via social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Several law firms are making a big mistake by not running ads that target local users. Specifically, law firms are not running enough of these targeted ads to help their businesses better sell their services. These targeted ads essentially turn an otherwise unseen visitor into a new customer. They create a connection between your business and your audience, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue.


Don’t miss out anymore! It’s time for lawyers to step up to the plate. It is a well-known fact that, for every dollar spent on digital advertising, 2-3 dollars return to the advertiser. It is an excellent opportunity for law firms to bring in targeted customers who will buy from you later. By implementing Local Service Ads, you can virtually place a billboard in your city featuring your services or product along with the contact details.

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