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Your Power Guide To Event Invitation Emails

Organizing events includes considerations such as logistics, agenda, speakers, and location. Because you’re the organizer, you’re aware of everything, but how much does your audience know? Therefore, it’s essential to keep guests up to date on the details of your events using emails so they can decide whether or not to attend.

It’s very simple. If they don’t know much, they won’t understand. There is no interest or comprehension. If there is no interest, there is no involvement. Using ESPs like Salesforce or HubSpot, things can be more tractable, so we will use their examples here.

The success of your event hinges on the quality of your event invitation emails. In today’s article, we will go through the fundamentals that you should keep in mind when designing your HubSpot email templates for event marketing. Let’s get started:

4 Important Elements To Include In Your Email Invitation Template For An Event

To ‘cook’ your winning event email invitation, you’ll need the proper recipe, much like making a cake. The four elements of an email invitation are listed below:

1) Details That Must Be Included: Time, Date, Address, And Duration

These facts must be included in your event invitation letter, whether you’re hosting it online or at a venue:

  • The date and time are exact.
  • Specifics on the location
  • Timeframe of the event

Make the venue address stand out, and don’t forget to provide parking details. Google Maps should be included in your address area. If you’re conducting a webinar, ensure your invitation includes all necessary links and login information. Include time in a way that matches the time zone of your audience. If you overlook this critical component, you may lose the hype.

email invite
Image Credits

2) Make Your Invitations Memorable By Using Catchy Phrases.

Boost your contacts’ click-through rates by being innovative with your invitation wording. Make your email as pleasant as possible by beginning with a warm greeting.

Here they have made a personal connection with the subscriber like in the case of an in-person marketer:

Make sure to answer your contacts’ final question: “What does it do for me?” in your concluding line. Only when your contacts can relate to what you’re giving will they engage in action.

event invitation email template
Image Credits

3) Make The Email Invitation Design Attractive To The Brand

Make your invitation email design attractive to readers in addition to the email text. Select a part of your email and put prime focus on it. If you have a lot of contradicting messages or parts in your email, your reader will be puzzled about what it’s about.

GIFs or movies may be used to make your invitation email visually rich. It’s a good idea to incorporate a short clip from the previous year’s edition if your event is an annual one. Also, be sure you include a mobile-friendly call-to-action button.

business event invitation emails
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4) Make A Memorable Email Subject Line For The Occasion

Crafting subject lines is a tricky aspect as you need to keep in mind how engaged the subscribers are and whether they are familiar with the event or not. 

It is the aspect that will catch your receivers’ attention and persuade them to read about your event message. To put it another way, the subject line of your email determines whether or not your audience is aware of your event.

5 Things That Make Your Event Invitation Email Templates Better

Here are five examples of inspirational event invitation email template layout and structure to help you create your event email template, material, and style:

1) Enough Details About The Upcoming Event

The objective of every event invitation email template is to provide contacts with a “landing page experience” and encourage them to take action. The following example clarifies this in the best way:

real examples event invitation emails
Image Credits

2) Make Use Of Imaginative Imagery

Your event invitation design is what makes it come to life. It makes them feel warm and welcoming. While the reader reads the remainder of the email for further information, the headline and content are direct.

“You are cordially invited.” It gives readers a sense of exclusivity.

event invitation email examples
Image Credits

3) Tour Dates For Your Event Should Be Promoted

This email sample for an event invitation is a good example of how to promote forthcoming event dates. This can be used for a music concert, a cover announcement, a touring event, a movie announcement, and so on.

event invitation email template and examples
Image Credits

4) Including A Referral Link 

Some people prefer not to attend events alone. It would be more fascinating and enjoyable with nice company. It’s good to include a referral link in your invitation email to encourage attendees to tell their friends, coworkers, and other connections about your event.

To make it easier for your visitors to share your event, use a call-to-action link, “Share with your friends,” in the accompanying event invitation sample.

event invitation email template and examples
Image Credits

5) Make A Registration Announcement

To begin with, write an email announcing your event, tease it a little, and capture people’s interest. Then you can announce that “registration is now open” and that anyone interested in attending may buy a ticket.

Here’s an example of a well-designed Google Cloud signup announcement email.

Wrap Up

As we inch a step closer to reopening, it is becoming evident that both event organizers and attendees will be on their toes. Emails can be your best bet given their stellar track record in terms of ROI ($44:1), and thus, there’s no way you don’t leverage this channel. I hope this power guide helps you master event invitation emails for 2021 and beyond.

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