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Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas to Spoil Your Sister for Her Birthday

The bond shared between two siblings is rarer than most connections, even if it’s filled with endless fights. They’re still your keeper of secrets, someone who’s always got your back, and the ultimate partner in pulling off hilarious pranks. Finding the perfect gift for your sister can be quite a hefty task, considering that the gift should be as thoughtful, unique, and memorable as her. Gifting jewelry makes it a little less daunting since it symbolizes the heartfelt gratitude and love which you feel for your sister. By choosing a jewelry item as your gift, she can have a tangible item to cherish your connection and bond. 

Be it a beautiful crystal pendant, a personally engraved bracelet, or a pretty pair of earrings; jewelry can be worn every day as a tangible form of appreciation and care for that very person. In 2021, precious stones will take over the fashion world by storm because of their powerful healing properties and gorgeous natural colors. The latest runway shows and celebrities on red carpets can be seen donning heavy gemstones on their necks, ears, and hands to make a stunning combination with their gowns and jackets. Ahead, you’ll find some great gemstone jewelry gift ideas which we assure your sister will love you for. Let’s take a look:

1. Shungite Earrings

Shungite earringsIf you’re looking for a jewelry item that can do more than sparkle, then this one’s for you. Precious stones have unique healing properties that aid in adding balance to the wearer’s life over a period of time. Shungite is one such stone that has its own beneficial properties such as detoxification, balancing the body’s chakras and flow of energy, protection from EMF, and more. Shungite earrings help to heal the upper body chakras and act as a shield around our heads against EMF from the constant use of phones, earphones, and other pieces of tech. Not only will this help to add harmonious vibrations to your sister’s life, but Shungite’s natural beauty in itself makes it an attractive jewelry item. If your sister has minimalistic taste, then you can give her a pair of elaborate studs, or else, a pair of drop pendant earrings will also look classic with every outfit.

2. Personalized Rings

Personalized RingsLet your sister feel extra special and luxe on her special day with customized jewelry. Your sister will be more than grateful to get a personalized ring with her name/initials in a high finish metal such as white gold or platinum. The design can be a signet ring that is very much in fashion this year or a simple, sleek band. Your sister will surely smile with all her heart when she sees her name engraved on the lovely fine piece of jewelry. For further customization, you can consider showcasing a cluster of precious round stones or even her birthstone, framed with diamond, or outlining her initials. This will enhance the overall look and be a perfect jewelry item for her birthday. She can cherish the memory years later and be thankful for your wonderful gesture.

3. Tanzanite Pendant

Tanzanite pendantCelebrate your unique sibling bond by gifting your sister a Tanzanite pendant. Pendants are one of the most traditional ways of gifting a special jewelry item to a special person – be it in the form of a locket, charm, a piece of solitaire, etc. The Tanzanite mineral stone is known for its alluring color combination of blue and purple, while it’s also a source of peace and calm in tough situations. You can gift your sister a beautiful pendant carved from the stone to stimulate her throat chakra and add enormous amounts of inspiration and positivity. Your sister can style the blue-violet pendant stone for her most iconic dresses, pantsuits, and casual fits, for a modern code of elegance or to achieve a statement look.

4. Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets ideasSisters have a big heart; they can be overly protective and caring for others – it’s time to return the favor. Tennis bracelets are the perfect combination of urban elegance and modernity, and their designs carry that style and sophistication when paired with most outfits. Women with an innate sense of fashion can style this statement piece with most of their ensembles – be it monochromatic, playing with neutrals, power dressing, or just a basic shirt and denim. Tennis bracelets come in an array of metal finishes – gold, silver, platinum, rose gold which give it a personalized look. To find a perfect tennis bracelet for your sister, you can opt for raw-cut diamonds to showcase the priceless bond shared between the two of you.

5. Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst PendantThe world’s best sisters should get the world’s most precious jewels – which includes Amethysts. An Amethyst necklace will help keep the heart secure and relieve any accumulated stress or tightness in the chest area. Your sister can wear the necklace to open up her mind to spiritual awareness and promote a healthy and positive outlook. The stone’s beauty is its hazy purple shade which gives it unique femininity and elegance. Your sister can style her new favorite piece of jewelry with most of her wardrobe items, such as pastel tops, leather jumpsuits, jackets, etc., to achieve a highly fashionable look. 

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