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The Ios/Android Data Transfer Process With DR.FONE

After using a device for a while, we all change it. Moreover, we all understand the problems that arise when we have to transfer the whole data from the device to the new device. The files, pictures from the previous device are needed to use the new device. As a result, we are forced to undertake this difficult task.

A Brief Introduction to DR.FONE 


Mobile phone transfer software such as Dr.Fone makes the job of transferring phones much easier. Transferring data between phones is simple and seamless with this phone transfer tool like messages, contacts, apps, images, etc. In order to ensure that your personal computers, laptops, and mobile phones remain safe and secure, Dr.Fone supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices.

An Overview of DR. FONE

Dr.Fone Toolkit includes

  • WhatsApp Transfer
  • Phone Manager
  • Data Recovery
  • Phone Backup
  • Phone Transfer
  • Screen Unlock
  • System Repair
  • Data Eraser

Supports Several Types of Data For Various Types of Devices

  • Do you want to transfer your data from iPhone to Android?

transfer via dr foneThis program lets you transfer your phone’s data when you switch from iPhone to Android. There are a total of 15 different file types: photos, videos, and contacts, blacklists of contacts, messages, call histories, bookmarks, calendars, voice memos, music, alarm records, voicemails, ringtones, and wallpaper 

  • What do you need to know about transferring contacts from iPhone to android?

The process of transferring contacts from iOS to Android can be frustrating for many people. It is true – there are a lot of ways of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. iTunes, third-party apps, or cloud services (like iCloud) can be used. 

  • Are you looking for an Android to Android Data Transfer App?

Dr.Fone, a truly comprehensive tool for switching between Android phones and tablets, this is able to transfer 11 file types including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, calendars, voice memos, contact blacklists, music, and apps. Take a look at this link – transfer data from Android to Android.

This software offers the following features

android to ios

  • Dr.Fone allows you to transfer data easily from iOS to iOS, Android to Android, or Android to iOS phones.
  • To use this phone transfer tool, you simply need to select the file type and click a single button to begin the process of transferring data from your old phone to your new one.
  • A non-technical person can easily operate it because the process is so simple.
  • Transferring data to another phone at high speed

There are some other solutions of DR.FONE

  • Samsung Smart Switch
  • Transmit data from other devices only to Samsung products.
  • The Samsung file transfer application supports 15 different file types.
  • A 5-minute transfer speed
  • Moderate Ease
  • USB transfer and cloud transfer are the methods of transfer
  • Move to iOS 
  • Transmit data from another device only to iOS devices.
  • It only supports 7 types of files
  • The speed of the transfer should be at least five minutes
  • Ease of complexity
  • Method of transfer: Wi-Fi

Why DR.FONE is the best option when it comes to phone transfers

Discover why Dr.Fone is the best software compared to others-

  • The compatibility between devices-Supports over 8000 iOS and Android devices. All types of data can be transferred between two different devices, whether they are Android or iOS.
  • Formats of files- The phone-to-phone transfer allows for the transfer of up to 15 file types.
  • Amount of traffic transferred- In less than 3 minutes
  • Ease of use – Easy
  • Method of transfer – USB transfer

Transmitting your social media is possible with DR. FONE

whatsapp transfer

One other excellent feature is WhatsApp transfer which isn’t available in Samsung smart switches or iOS devices.

Your old conversations do not automatically transfer with your new account when you transfer from your old device to a new one, be it an iPhone or an Android phone.

Have a new phone but are concerned about losing your WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and other important information, your problem will be solved with ease with Dr.Fone – WhatsApp Transfer. You’ll be able to move every bit of your social app’s data to your new phone in one click.

In case you want to switch to a new iPhone or iPad, you can selectively transfer your WhatsApp data between them using this program whether you have more than one device or not. This also allows you to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android or from Android to iOS. 

A phone transfer tool from DR.FONE

android to ios transfer

Using a PC to transfer data between phones- 

  • You can transfer data from one phone to another with one click using Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer.
  •  It supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Transferring data between them is possible with it. 


If you were ever to lose data on your device, Wondershare Dr.Fone toolkit would be your magic wand. Nearly all devices are supported. This tool has so many useful features like exporting and restoring data, unlocking SIM cards, rooting, and turning off lock screens. You can always reach out to the 24*7 email support of Dr.Fone. If you have any questions or concerns about Dr.fone. Check out our website to learn more about our products-


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