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Content Marketing: Top 5 Trends To Watch In 2021

Content marketing plays a very crucial role in growing a business. It’s not just about the right content, but marketing the content to the right people is what counts.

As you slowly move forward into the world of globalization, digitalization, and content moderation, it is important that we think about making content reach the right people.

Before we delve deeper into the different strategies for content marketing, one thing needs to be pretty clear.

Your strategy will be completely defined by your target audience. Your content needs to reach a target audience and it is for that reason that the niche that you’re working in also becomes equally important.

This article will look into the top five tips that will help you in making your content reach the right audience at the right time.

1. Focus on mobile marketing: 

There is a rise in the number of mobile users. This increase has been instrumental in the growth of online businesses and the digital marketing domain.

In order to best utilize this growth, you need to ensure that your content is moderated in such a way that it becomes mobile-friendly.

Users don’t want to read articles, which run beyond two pages.

It is for this reason that we suggest you have your content crisp, concise yet impactful.

Another reason why you should focus on mobile marketing is the variety of options that it brings forward to you. If you are an E-commerce website and your content describes a particular product, you can create a hyperlink to a landing page easily.

Once the audience reaches the landing page, and if the product amuses them, it will just be a fraction of seconds that the lead gets converted.

For this reason, focus more on mobile marketing and optimize your content accordingly.

2.Leverage the power of communities:

Communities play an important role in gaining more audience. The power of community lies in the fact that they share a common interest, which makes them the stakeholder of your product.

If there is a strong community, expenses on outbound marketing reduce a lot. A strong community creates an organic growth of your content that becomes vital in the long run for your business growth.

For instance, you have a Facebook Page with 10 thousand followers. When you share your post on Facebook, within a second your post will be visible to your audience’s feed.

Not only your followers, if they found something useful in your content. They will not hesitate to share your content with their friends too. 

So, before start writing, take some time to select the content strategy. Explore the type of contents that are trending and your follower will like to read and share. You can take suggestions from a content strategy agency to finalize the content topics.

3. Increase the efforts on SEO:

Besides on-site optimization, it is important that you spend equal effort on off-page optimization too. Off-page optimization plays an important role in improving page rankings.

With an improved page ranking, Google would place your content at a higher Position, making it easy to be discovered by users. A good backlink from a relevant website can boost your content’s ranking on SERP.

4. Rethink about your content: 

The ideal way to reach the top of Google Rankings is by being continuously innovative on your content ideas.

Blogs, alone, simply don’t work anymore. It is time to look beyond them & start focusing on interactive content which is currently trending in the content industry. Instead of only textual content, it’s time to focus on video and infographics. 

Stay updated. To get your content rank higher.

5. Email marketing is still very alive: 

Storytellers will always have an edge over others. The best way to leverage the storytellers is through email marketing.

A dedicated list of your loyal customers will always help you in customer retention as well as keeping them updated with the latest content. Email marketing works quite well in this department.

Studies show that email marketing has the highest return of investment compared to other forms of marketing.

Keep it as the most important arrow to your goal.

Bottom line: 

Marketing your content is going to be the trickiest thing after writing it, no matter how innovative your strategy is. It is always important to focus on split testing or A/B testing to discover the right method to improve the reach of your content.

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