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5 Easy Online Payment Solutions For Your Small Business

Consumers are now making online purchases more than ever after the pandemic hit, and it seems this trend is here to stay. So are you set up to accept payments online? 

There are different and easy payment solutions you can set up to allow your clients to pay for their invoices online conveniently. For example, online payments can help your business thrive, attract new clients, and even receive payments faster for your customers.

Here are some different options you may want to consider for your business.

1. ECheck payment

With this type of online payment, you allow your customers to easily transfer payments directly from their bank accounts by accepting eCheck payments. An eCheck payment is similar to a paper check. It takes your client’s banking information such as account number, routing number, authorization, and amount; then, they enter it into an online form to send a direct transfer from their bank account to your business account.

You will find that eCheck transaction fees are usually lower than credit card payments. For more information that will help you learn more about this online payment method, check out this echeck processing article.

2. Online credit payments on your business website

Add a payment form to your website to accept online credit card payments as an online payment getaway. This makes it easy for clients and customers who prefer this method for paying for their invoices. 

You can easily set up this payment option by outsourcing the payments to an online payment service provider. The service provider will host your payment forms, safely store your client payment information, especially for loyal customers, and of course, with their permission, and oversee secure payment processing.

3. Accepting mobile payments

For businesses that don’t usually operate in an office setting and need to accept payments onsite, such as landscaping businesses or construction companies, accepting mobile payments for your business can be an excellent solution for receiving payments faster and in person. Having an app that would send out invoices to your clients thru text or emails would be a big help to settle their bills anytime and anywhere.

To set up this payment option for your business, you need to invest in a mobile card reader such as a Square Mobile card reader. You connect via Bluetooth or plug into your phone and work with a mobile app to process credit cards and debit payments through any smartphone from anywhere.

4. Click-to-pay invoicing.

If your small business uses a cloud-based accounting option, your customers may be able to submit payments easily by clicking a link in the emails to view and pay their invoices. Allowing your clients to pay using this method simplifies the payment processes and can help you get payments faster.

5. Automatic bill pay

If you also accept debit and credit card payments, you can also offer your customers an even easier method to submit payments through automatic bill payments. This payment option allows customers to schedule ongoing weekly or monthly invoice payments to transfer the funds automatically. This way, your clients don’t have to go through many processes to send you money, and you can also have your payments faster.

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