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5 Tech Tools For Your Remote Small Business

With the changes the world has gone through over the past year and a half, it is clear that businesses have had to adapt, evolve, and grow to be able to fit the new normal and the needs of the business world. And one of the biggest changes within the business industry has been moving from the office to remote work. When it comes to working remotely, you can find a lot of success if you are using tech tools, past experiences, and new trends to your advantage. We have compiled a shortlist of tech tools that can help your remote small business find success in today’s new world.

1. Shared documents

When you are in the office, it is so easy to be able to walk to your coworkers’ desks and deliver a sheet of paper to them. Now that you are working remotely, you can no longer do that. That’s why platforms have adapted to be able to share documents, files, presentations, and more. Whether you are part of a small business or a large corporation, sharing digital documents and files and digitizing your business is a great way for everyone to stay up to date as efficiently as possible no matter where they are.

2. Ring light

Ok, we know this one may seem silly, but when your employees are working remotely and are on conference video calls all day, they want to look good. By purchasing your employees a ring light of their own, you are showing them that you care about how they feel and that you want them to feel comfortable and be seen during work calls. It is a small gesture to be able to see success within your business but also within your employees.

3. USB docking stations

One of the hardest things about remote work is that you are unable to see your employees which makes it hard to quickly communicate with them. By providing your employees with a USB docking station, you are ensuring that they are able to stay up to date with all things work and beyond. Plus, you are able to help them keep their devices at full battery while they are at their home desks. They will be able to browse property and casualty insurance news, business updates, and more because their devices will be charged up and ready to go. It is a simple addition to their workspace that packs a big punch.

4. Headphones/headset

There is nothing worse than having to listen to background noise or feedback when an employee is on a call with you. But the problem is that sometimes your employees might not have the proper tech tools to be able to effectively communicate. That is where you come in. Instead of relying on your team to cover the cost of a headset, why not get one for them? This is something that will benefit all of those on your team, and the recipients will be grateful they are thought of and cared for.

5. Video conference software

Tech ToolsEven though you may already be well-versed in video conference call software, it is never too late to explore new avenues and see what other programs there are out there for you and your company to try out. Just because you have found something that seems to work decently, don’t settle for dropped calls and slow connection. Make sure that every video call you are requiring your team to be on is worth it for all parties.

We hope that regardless of the new normal, that you have found your stride and settled into what works best for you and your small business. Don’t be afraid to let tech tools help you be as successful as possible.

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