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5 Bedroom Design Tips for the Perfect Sleep Oasis

If there is one place in the home where you should be able to fully relax, unwind and have a peaceful night’s sleep, it’s the bedroom. After a hectic day at work, your bedroom should promote comfort and rest. However, if you’re not getting quality sleep, here are some bedroom design tips that will create a soothing oasis.

Purchase a Quality Mattress

To achieve the perfect sleep oasis, all it may take is a new mattress. Over time, mattresses can become hard, too lumpy, or too soft, which can impact not only comfort but sleep quality too. If you’re waking up in the morning with back pain, an adjustable bed provides good back support while sleeping. There are lots of different mattress types, including innerspring, pillow, airbeds, and waterbeds. Each will have its pros and cons, so you need to compare mattresses to find one suitable for you. Once you’ve found a mattress, adding fresh, inviting bedding will aid sleep.

Choose Warm, Appealing Colors

The colors of your bedroom walls matter. If you like to express yourself artistically, bright, bold colors may look cool in the living area or kitchen, but not so much for the bedroom. Your bedroom’s color scheme needs to promote comfort, luxury, and relaxation. Choosing warm, appealing colors will help you feel at ease when hitting the hay. Many people choose colors like purple, blue, and green because of their relaxing qualities. While the final choice is up to you, if you’re serious about getting better sleep, stick to these tones. 

Reduce Clutter

Clutter can quickly accumulate in the bedroom, making it near to impossible to fall asleep quickly. Whether it’s piles of clothes or disorganized items, a messy room can negatively impact your mood and increase stress levels. If you generally feel anxious when climbing into bed, your clutter could be the root cause. Having a spacious, airy bedroom can do wonders for your mind and help you wake up feeling refreshed. Although it can be hard to do so, now is the time to get rid of clutter. Starting the decluttering process can be daunting, so it’s best to take things day by day. Once you begin shifting your junk, you’ll soon notice a positive difference in your mood.

Bring in Calming Scents

For those who are constantly stressed and anxious, purchasing candles and bringing calming scents into your bedroom can make all the difference for your sleep. Whether it’s lavender, chamomile, or cedar, tranquil scents are excellent for keeping stress levels down. Evidence indicates that aromatherapy could be helpful with sleep, so having nice smells to drift off and wake up to could be the answer. Aromatherapy has many proven benefits, such as lowering stress and reducing depression.

Buy Blackout Curtains

The amount of light that’s in your bedroom can also affect your sleep. Even if you drift off to sleep easily, you may be awoken before your alarm as natural light pours in. If your bedroom receives tons of exterior light, look into purchasing blackout curtains. Blackout curtains block the light of passing cars, the glare of streetlights, and can even reduce outside noise from seeping into your bedroom. What’s more, blackout curtains give you that much-needed privacy, helping you to fully immerse in all things rest and relaxation.

Your bedroom setting is crucial to getting good quality sleep. Falling and staying asleep is a key component of sleep hygiene, so if you’re waking up feeling low on energy, it may be time to revamp your bedroom. Doing any of the above will help you on your journey of creating a peaceful, perfect sleep oasis. 

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