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7 Tips To Ensure Optimal Security Of Your Law Firm Website

Most people who are running law firms will be well aware of the fact that their clients trust them to be professional. Clients of your law firm will also trust you to look out for their best interests. This is why it is integral to ensure law firm website security if you want to make your firm reliable, professional, and trustworthy to clients. 

If your website is not secure, then it will create a bad impression on clients. Most clients will prefer not to revisit your law firm website if they feel that your website is not secure or safe. A law firm website that is not secure will not do any good for your business. It may drive away customers from your business.

Law Firm WebsiteYour chances of acquiring a higher rank on Google are also less if your law firm website is not secure. Another interesting thing to note is that most internet browsers block non-secure websites, which means that it is best to make your law firm website secure and safe as fast as possible. 

A recent report submitted by the ABA Cybersecurity Tech Report revealed that nearly 26 percent of law firms had experienced data breaches. If you do not want your law firm to be a victim of such an attack, then follow the below-mentioned tips to secure your law firm’s website. 

Install SSL Certificate on Firm’s Website

Most of you would have probably seen a green padlock on some websites, while there aren’t any such padlocks on other websites. The green padlock that appears on websites indicates that they have installed an SSL certificate, which means they are secure. 

If you want to ensure your website’s security, you should buy SSL certificate and install it on your website. SSL certificates serve the crucial purpose of encrypting the connection between your website and your client’s web server. 

In other words, SSL certificates ensure that no one will be able to decode the conversation between you and your client. You should not just use SSL certificates on form submission and login pages but throughout the website to make your website highly secure. 

Use Unique and Strong Passwords 

Using strong and unique passwords may seem like a basic security tip. However, we are still stressing this point because “123456’ is one of the most common passwords used by several internet users from all over the globe. If you are using a common password like the one mentioned above, it is best to change the password. 

Law Firm WebsiteHere are a few tips that will help you to choose a strong password. 

  • Make the password unique (Avoid using the same password for more than one account)
  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Every additional character you add to your password will make it a lot more secure( Use long passwords)
  • Avoid usage of common substitutions and dictionary words 

Update Regularly and Quickly 

Law firms must understand that out-of-date software systems are huge security risks. Hackers and cybercriminals often look for out-of-date software systems and target them. You should not only update the existing software systems, but you must do it as quickly as you can. 

This is because slow updates were reported as the major reason behind the hacking of several law firms. Keeping the software systems and extensions updated to the latest available version will help you avoid such issues. 

Use And Install Well-Maintained Extensions and Plugins 

Content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress have made it incredibly easy for users to create websites. The fine collection of third-party extensions available with them has even simplified the process of website creation. 

However, it is best to opt for well-maintained extensions and plugins to avoid the chances of cyberattacks and data breaches. When you are selecting a plugin, you should check the following things. 

  • Check whether the plugin has been recently updated or not
  • Check if the plugin developer responds to support related issues
  • Check whether the extension or plugin is listed under any vulnerability databases 

Be Careful When Uploading Files

You will surely encounter situations where you will need to permit clients to upload files to your law firm’s website. For instance, if you are creating an appointment booking form, you will need to give clients the option to upload more information. 

When you are doing this, you must place limits on the number of files and file types that clients can upload to your website. In addition to that, you should consider renaming the uploaded files. 

Ensure That Your Files and Server Are Properly Configured 

You will probably need to consult with your developer to ensure that the server and files are properly configured. Ensuring that everything is configured properly will enable you to eliminate the chance of potential security breaches. You will need to do the following things to ensure optimal website security. 

  • Restrict access to critical and sensitive configuration files
  • Prevent directory browsing 
  • Set up proper file permissions
  • Restrict PHP execution, especially in directories with image files or in directories that permit file uploads

Regular Backups 

Imagine what will happen if you lose all the sensitive and confidential data of your business. Even the thought of such an incident happening will make you feel scared and nervous. 

Losing sensitive and confidential business data will surely make your business suffer, and in some cases, your business might fail to overcome the situation. Fortunately, you will be able to avoid the chance of losing confidential business data through regular backups. 

You should not just take backups, but you need to make sure that the backups are working. In addition to that, you must copy one file in the cloud and keep at least two copies on an external hard drive or computer. 


There are several law firms, which handle large amounts of sensitive data. This has prompted several hackers and cyber attackers to target law firms. However, you will not have to worry about cyber-attacks and data breaches if you have equipped your website with the above-mentioned security measures. 

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