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The Best Cosmetic Packaging Designs That Inspire the Brand Sales

Packaging design has always played an influential role in customers’ lives because it helps them decide the products to buy. There is a huge chunk of people who only buy certain products because they are fond of the packaging, so it’s evident that captivating packaging can positively influence buying decisions. There’s obvious that proof that packaging design matters and the brands need to invest in the packaging to ensure the target audience is captivated, attracted, and impressed.

What’s most important is that there are some multi-billion cosmetic companies in the industry and they demand a special design to stand out and retain the customer base that made them billionaires. However, it’s always challenging to get noticed by the customers. So, with this article, we are talking about the cosmetic packaging design ideas that can yield higher brand sales. Are you ready to dive into details, then?

Cosmetic Packaging Design – What Is It?

If you are looking for a definition, cosmetic packaging design involves the typography, shape, logo, color, images, and multiple visual elements for various cosmetic packaging options. It generally includes sprayers, tubes, jars, pumps, compacts, droppers, and airless bottles. The high-end cosmetic packaging companies are utilizing a combination of technology and creativity skills to design packaging that improves brand identity and delivers brand promises. 

Factors to Consider While Designing Cosmetic Packaging Designs 

When it comes down to creating high-end and luxury packaging designs, it’s pretty challenging to master. This is because the cosmetic industry is saturated which gives customers the choice to decide whenever they want to purchase a new product. That being said, there is an obvious competition going on with the brands which is why it’s essential that the packaging design stands out. This is because packaging design is the first thing that’s going to capture the customers. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that packaging design allows the brands to turn heads among the competition which enables them to make the first brand purchase. So, with this section, we are outlining five factors that must be considered while you are trying to create the luxury cosmetic packaging design. Let’s have a look!

Customer Identity 

Before you are able to market the products, it’s important that you understand the potential customer base. For instance, while you are designing the artwork for packaging, it’s important to keep your potential customer base in mind. This is because once you are able to paint and identify the image that the target audience wants, it will increase the chances of satisfying the customers’ needs and captivating their preferences. For this reason, the brands can try to develop a customer profile because it helps with branding. 

Brand Identity 

Packaging DesignsThe customer identity is essential but the cosmetic packaging cannot be designed if you don’t consider the brand identity. Keep in mind that brand identity and customer identity go hand in hand with the customers’ profiles. Needless to say, the packaging design choices can be impacted by the brand as well as customer identity. For this reason, it’s crucial to develop a clear understanding of what the brand is and what the brand stands for. 


While creating the cosmetic packaging design, it’s imperative to think about consistency. It doesn’t matter if you are opting for a playful and vibrant design or a sleek and minimalistic design, consistency is important. In simpler words, whatever you choose, it must be uniform across all the products, so the customers aren’t confused. Not to forget, consistency in packaging design will create a signature brand look that complies with the brand style and identity. 


While we think about packaging design, typeface cannot be neglected. It doesn’t matter if you are running a makeup brand or a skincare brand, it’s essential to choose and use clear yet bold typography. This is because it won’t confuse the customers and they won’t have to do the guesswork while purchasing a new product. In addition, as a brand, you must choose a recognizable and unique typeface because it’s one way of conveying the brand identity. 


With the ever-changing dynamics in the makeup and beauty industry, it’s important for the products to stand out. For this reason, the brands should consider using the label embellishments because it delivers a luxurious appearance and will put you a step ahead of the competition. In addition, these embellishments can elevate the product packaging and labeling. 

When it comes down to embellishments, they include debossing/embossing, foiling, and tactile finishes for adding an alluring layer to the packaging. These embellishments can create an impactful and premium effect on the audience. It’s safe to say that these embossing and debossing techniques will add an elegant texture to the packaging and reinforces the brand quality. 

Examples of Premium Cosmetic Packaging Designs 


This is the skincare brand that has curated a clean, minimal, and sleek packaging and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the first brand that tried its hands-on minimal packaging. The brand is using stunning yet subtle designs that aren’t only serene but have attractive visuals. Also, the minimal shine can catch the audience’s attention like nothing else!


It’s safe to say that every woman loves this brand and the brand has become the leader in makeup products. Nars offers an extensive range of blushes, foundations, lipsticks, concealers, and eyeshadow palettes and all of them are famous for their luxury packaging. The packaging is extremely minimal and can add an edge to the products. 

Milk Makeup 

If your makeup brand is about sleekness, learn from Milk Makeup to design futuristic packaging. This is because they have bold packaging in silver color that shines on the packaging. In addition, the sans-serif font for typography in white color creates a simple and minimal packaging. What’s most intriguing about their packaging is that it’s consistent across all the makeup products. 

All in all, this brand is showing what you can make a multi-million business without going overboard with the design and typography. So, if you want to design similar packaging, you can easily opt for cosmetic boxes by WCB

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