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9 Secrets of Happy and Healthy Women

Health and happiness are two things all women want to have. You may have women you admire for imbibing both values and wonder how they keep themselves glowing. You may have even tried to find out what they are doing differently and copied some elements of their lifestyles. 

But what is the secret? Healthy women tell us that, “Consistency is the key!” They have discovered that the journey to health and happiness involves building up positive habits. Read on for habits that countless healthy women swear by to make you happier and healthier.

Plan What You Can

Not all aspects of your life can be planned, but having a solid idea of how certain activities will play out can help. It can be as basic as knowing what you will be eating for the week or marking down the times you will be spending at work. You can also schedule your exercise or other hobbies you want to develop because this helps you stay committed to activities that will bring you closer to your personal goals.

Be More Conscious of What You Eat

Eating healthy is often equated to eating nothing but salads and greens, but the body also needs carbohydrates and protein in certain amounts to function well. If you don’t have the required time to prepare the right balanced food then signing up for gourmet meals delivery services is the best way to have a good balance of all these, like the one demonstrated by Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate. On each meal plate, half is dedicated to fruits and vegetables. The remaining half is divided among proteins and carbohydrates. Harvard also recommends including a few healthy plant oils such as olive, canola, or soy oil. 

The kind of food matters, but so does the amount. Eat a good variety of food in moderation. It is better to limit the amount than the types of food to eat. Avoid diets that promise results quickly, and instead, talk to your registered dietitian or nutritionist for dietary advice.

Stay Hydrated

Part of the Harvard plate is hydration. It is important to supplement healthy eating with adequate water intake. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is better than waiting until you feel thirsty before drinking. You must drink about one to two liters on average in a day. You may find it easier to develop the habit and track your water intake by setting alarms and using marked water bottles.

As for drinks other than water, coffee and tea are recommended over other sugary drinks. Dairy intake may be limited to two servings a day, while the juice is limited to a cup per day. 

Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep, it gives the brain time to process the day’s events and recharge in preparation for the next day. It also gives your body the space to generate new cells for a better physical condition. It is important to get most of your sleep at night since the release of body chemicals in charge of repair and restoration follow our normal circadian rhythm. Six to eight hours of sleep every night is the ideal number for optimal functioning the next day.

Exercise and Move Around Regularly

Regular exercise not only helps keep the body fit; it also makes you happier. Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins, which work to boost your mood and lift your spirits. If you spend the day mostly sitting, try to incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Do squats while taking breaks from working at home. Walk to nearby errands instead of driving. Getting your body used to movements helps you maintain a less sedentary lifestyle.

Drop the Harmful Habits

It is definitely easier said than done, but habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and illicit drug use have harmful effects on the body that outweigh any benefits they may seem to provide you. Getting in touch with a drug rehab Phoenix women go to or a similar facility is a good first step to overcoming harmful drug use and becoming healthy and happy.

Take Care of the Inside

Stress definitely impacts health and happiness. When you are stressed, your mind is not at its best. This means you are not truly healthy, because your emotional and psychological state is part of overall health. Making time for yourself, achieving harmony between work and life, and spending time with people you care about can relieve some of that stress. 

Set Your Own Goals

Rather than setting numbers on a scale or a certain number of hours of exercise, focus on practical outcomes. Do you want to be able to climb three flights of stairs without being too out of breath? Do you want to wear that top that used to look good on you but is now a bit too tight? Focus on feeling better, not just looking better. Feeling better about yourself and your body is a better measure of health and happiness than any combination of numbers.

Do Not Compare

Setting your own goals also means not comparing yourself and your progress to others. Try out different activities and see which ones are a better fit for you. Eat the type of food you like best. Doing exercises you can enjoy and choosing the food you can eat comfortably help you stick to your plans.

It takes a sense of commitment to maintain a good lifestyle but the more you stick to it, the more it works for you. Although women often have different routines, following these tips is a good start to help any woman to feel good and be healthy as can be!

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