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A Guide to Improving Team Communication

Positive employee relationships are integral to a company’s productivity, morale, and revenue. If your staff cannot communicate in a professional, open, and friendly manner, creativity will wane, efficiency will suffer and employee turnover will increase.

To improve collaborations, output, and sales, you must help your staff build a rapport. Read this helpful guide to improving team communication.

Enjoyable Team Building Activities

Team-building activities will require your employees to work as a team and allow them to have some fun outside of their day job. The fun games can help colleagues strike up conversations, and it is an effective way to boost morale and bring out the best in your staff.

For example, you could provide your team with a survival experience in the great outdoors, they could enter a world of crime scene investigation, or they could attempt to break free from an escape room. Find the perfect team-building event for your company at Alivenetwork.com.

Create Clarity with Project Management Tools

Unanswered emails can be frustrating, especially if an employee needs to complete a time-sensitive task. What is more, endless email chains can be confusing and can lead to project mistakes and disappointed customers.

Improve communication and clarity by introducing reputable cloud-based project management software. It will allow your employees to monitor a project’s progress, communicate quickly with colleagues, review deadline dates, and ensure no essential task is missed. As a result, it can prevent internal frustration and conflict.

Organize Regular Team Meetings

It is essential your staff routinely come together to discuss projects, identify goals, and share individual or department achievements. Aim to bring together in-office and remote employees at least once per month to chat, share, and celebrate. If they cannot meet face-to-face for a staff meeting, schedule a Skype or Microsoft Teams call with your employees, which can create a close-knit, collaborative, and supportive team.

Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

Allow your employees to get to know each other by encouraging them to take breaks during the working day. A relaxed, fun breakroom can help conversation flow naturally, which can help your staff build genuine friendships. It could transform morale, creativity, and collaboration in the workplace, which will lead to improved productivity and sales.

Clarify Job Roles Across the Business

A lack of role clarity can lead to miscommunication, conflict, and frustration among employees. Prevent issues from arising by clarifying everyone’s responsibilities across the organization. Also, provide specific job titles to ensure your staff know who to turn to when they have a question or problem. It can help your teams work smarter, and it will ensure seniority is not questioned.


Any company that wants to enjoy longevity in an industry must develop a friendly, collaborative, and supportive team. If your employees appear distant from each other, creativity is almost non-existent, or conflicts constantly arise, it is a sign you need to improve communication across the workplace. For this reason, you must offer team-building activities, improve clarity in the workplace, and encourage employees to strike up friendships.

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