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5 Things to Know About Sherpa Auto Transport

As a broker, Sherpa works on connecting you with reliable carriers. Sherpa maintains transparent pricing and associated services. If you need to ship classic cars or almost any type of vehicle, they can get you taken care of quickly.

The Cost of Using Sherpa Auto Transport

The cost of using Sherpa to ship your car depends on various factors. The type of car, season, and required route to get to your destination all impact the fee at the time of shipment. As pricing can fluctuate, Sherpa’s prices are always quoted using the most recent cost information, so quotes given at different times can vary.

You won’t be charged until a carrier is booked, so that helps you to know you won’t pay anything extra upfront beyond their dispatch fee. You can cancel before a carrier is assigned and get a full refund. If you cancel after you have a carrier, you will lose your deposit, so be aware of that before getting involved with Sherpa.

The Price Lock Promise

When you accept the quote that Sherpa offers you, it becomes guarded by their Price Lock Promise. This promise is a rarity in the shipping industry because it guarantees that you will not see any price fluctuation. Most people want a transparent and straightforward quote without unforeseen variability, and so the Promise was born.

With that in mind, do be aware that Sherpa does not always have the most inexpensive quotes for shipping your car. But when choosing Sherpa, you know exactly what you will pay, which allows you to be confident as you plan your budget.

Available Options

Shipping with Sherpa can be done for both long-distance and local shipping. As a broker, they work with multiple carriers to consistently meet your needs to find a carrier that will ship your vehicle. Because of how the company operates, you can rest assured that your vans, cars, SUVs, classics, boats, motorcycles, and even inoperable vehicles can get where they need to go. A variety of discounts are also available with Sherpa, such as snowbird routes, multi-car discounts, and senior discounts. Students can also get reduced rates, as can military personnel. All discounts apply toward either open or enclosed transports, but you’ll need to contact Sherpa to see what you qualify for. Upon arrival, you can also take your car to a car wash, and Sherpa will pay up to $20 to get your car clean, too.

The Shipping Process

Sherpa’s shipping process is relatively straightforward. You start by filling out a form to get your free quote. Once you accept it, the quote is guaranteed by the Price Lock Promise so that it won’t change later on. Keep in mind, Sherpa’s quote does expire, so if you wait too long, you’ll have to request a new quote.

Upon pickup, you have the power to track your shipment along the route. All you need to do is to contact Sherpa’s customer service and ask where it is at that time. You can also get regular updates on the expected estimated arrival time. Be prepared for a few days’ difference in when your car might get delivered; you will receive an initial range of dates, with the specific day becoming more concrete as the arrival gets closer. The duration of the shipping time depends on several factors, including the route, the season, and the drop-off location. 

Plenty of Positive Reviews

Sherpa has tons of positive reviews online, with the vast majority being positive. Over and over again, you’ll see comments about how professional Sherpa and the drivers were. Another observation that comes up repeatedly is about how easy the company was to work with.

Search for Sherpa Auto Transport reviews on Google, and you’ll find positive feedback from most people that have worked with the company. That’s not to say that you won’t find the occasional negative comment, but with some research, you’ll find that the negative feedback is far and few between.

The Bottom Line

Sherpa is an excellent company to work with, as they are reasonable in their pricing, and they have their Price Lock Promise to guarantee their quote won’t change later. With multiple options available as well as discounts, you can look forward to a fair price. Shipping processes are straightforward, and thousands of positive reviews back the company’s reputation to give you the confidence to make a well-informed decision.

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