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Here’s Your Step-by-Step Office Relocation Checklist

You have to face some hectic phases in your professional life, and office relocation is one of them due to the time-consuming and stressful nature of the task. Every document or file is crucial, and the company might need it for future endeavors. Therefore, it is imperative that the shifting must proceed with a renowned moving company like https://www.cbdmovers.com.au/removals/removalists-melbourne/ which provides utmost care and planning so that nothing goes a miss.

Companies relocate for many reasons, like achieving substantial success that requires a more extensive production space or facing problems on the financial front that make it necessary to lower its expense. 

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that the process of relocation is vital for a company. And if the move involves expensive equipment, high-value machinery, and electronics. Then the pressure is pretty big not to damage anything. Moreover, the company needs to plan the move strategically so that the operations and functionality face nominal disruption. 

Here is a step-by-step checklist for you to help ensure smooth relocation with no mishaps and pointless stress:

  • Inspecting the new space:

It is pivotal to check and ensure that the new office space meets the needs of the business. The company must overview the floor plan, adequate space for all the employees, separate rooms for different departments, and decor. All these things are significant for a proper and authentic office environment. Another crucial step is to know whether or not the new office has sufficient storage space. Usually, companies have documents and invoices in hard copies that they need to keep safe for audit and record-keeping. 

Most offices are small compared to the size of the business, making it a challenging affair to move office-based equipment from one point to another. However, most offices rarely have enough storage space, and the ones that do one are pricey. An easy and ideal solution for this is arranging for external storage units. A good example would be offices in Texas. 

So, if you are from Texas or thereabouts, you’ll need dedicated storage spaces to store important stuff and plan your move effectively. Search for the term storage units plano texas on Google to get the best options for storing facilities. 

These storage units will help you discover the perfect storing place to keep your precious data, extra material, and valuable spare machines parts for future use.  

  • Communicating about the move:

After deciding upon the new office, the first thing you should do is talk to your property manager or building owner about the relocation. Then go through the building lease papers to check all the details about prior informing time and cost of any damage done to the property. 

It is better to settle all these things well before moving and settling into the place. Secondly, tell all the staff members about the relocation and choose a team for all the tasks. The moving committee should have representatives from the IT, HR, Operations, Sales, and Marketing departments. 

In short, take representatives from all the working departments in a company so that the allotment of office space and utilities are fair. Divide responsibilities ahead of time to have a stress-free move to the new office. Then, set a date and day for the relocation. 

  • Informing the clients and associates:

Clients are the most essential for any business, so the company must notify all the clients regarding the relocation. A system-generated email to all the clients is ideal for this purpose. The same goes for posting it on the company’s official website to spread the word. 

Furthermore, the local affiliates, partners, and dealers should know of the transfer and its details. They will be affected by the relocation process and must be informed about the new address and contact info. Apart from that, the company representatives must notify of the change of location to the telephone company, banks, food, and beverages supplier, insurance agency, or any other service provider.

  • Preparing all the logistics:

After the moving information is successfully circulated across the clients, banks, and close contacts, it’s time to get in touch with different moving companies. Select the one that gives you the best price which also fits your moving budget. Ensure that the movers can work on your selected day and discuss the floor layout. Take an inventory of all the existing furniture and its condition. It is better to make repairs or discard pieces at the old place rather than taking the load to the new one. Make a detailed list of all the furniture you might need and contact a good furniture company to place orders. 

It is best if you are well-organized and discuss the floor plan with the staff. Assign numbers and color codes to departments and employees. This strategy will help the employees quickly find their place in the new office and reduce misunderstanding. 

  • Packing and managing other minute things: 

The representative of each department in the moving committee must overview the process of their department packing. They must decide with other members of the team about suitable packing procedures to avoid damage or breakage. Qualified professionals should pack high-tech equipment, valuable machinery, and computers in their supervision. 

These aspects may seem minor but can create problems on the actual moving day. Like, crowded elevators, no parking space for the moving trucks, official permits, and much more. Book an elevator but if there is only one in the commercial office block, set a time for the relocation process. 

Likewise, book parking spaces, sign all the official paper works and permits days before the change. Arrange the cleaning crew for the old and new office and finalize the new place’s security details. Keep the emergency number printouts nearby in case of emergency. 

Wrapping Up

Relocating an entire office isn’t child’s play. It takes hours of planning and dedication to move without any mishap or problems. But once you follow our full-proof checklist, the relocation will be more efficient and smooth.

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