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10 Quick And Easy Tips to Advertise Your Startup Business

Are you new in business? Or are you a business owner wanting to promote your business worried that you are marketing it the wrong way? You don’t need to! You can follow these marketing tips that are easy and quick that will help your startup business boost sales:

Get Started With These Effective Marketing Tips

1. Make a website 

In this digital era, a lot of people will go online to see your business’s legitimacy. If you have a working website, you can make it more interactive for your target market to enjoy. If you still don’t have one, you need to set it up now because that is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a small business can make.

An effective website is crucial for making your brand known. It will also be your tool to generate more leads. It serves the same purpose traditional marketing tools like brochures used to play. You can put a lot of information on your website, from the products and services to the discount promotions you will have and invite customers to trust you and your products.

Let’s be honest—a website can be super expensive, especially for a startup and small business. If you want need affordable options for a custom-design website, you can set your business site using builders such as Wix, Godaddy, and Squarespace. You’ll have templates and tools that will help you make a site in a snap. Always remember to have a design that is easy to use and understand on mobile devices and computers.

 Now let’s talk about the essential things that should be included in your website. 

  • Add blogs to your website. It is where prospects can know more about your brand. It also helps improves our website’s rankings on search engines.
  • Utilize basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It will be a big help when a prospect searches for a product you’re selling; search engines will give your website’s content to that person. 

2. Sign up for a Google My Business account 

If you want to be more visible on Google, you’ll need a Google My Business account. It is the only way you can declare ownership of your Business Profile on Google. With this, you can achieve management rights to it. 

The Google Business profile you’ll make is like Google’s business listing. Once you list your Business Profile, it will quickly appear in Google Maps and the other results of Google Search.

3. Ask happy customers for an online review

Positive customer reviews matter to shoppers. Many prospective customers read online reviews before buying a product. In 2019, a study found out that online shoppers in the USA expected at least 40 reviews from any product they were looking to buy, and the number changes depending on your target demographic.

You can ask for testimonials or reviews from happy customers by rewarding them with a freebie or maybe a sample of your product or service when they submit a review. Do it regularly; this way, when people search for the product, they’ll see enough reviews of your business, which will be the basis of their trust. On the other hand, if you receive complaints and issues, always respond personally and promptly. 

4. Produce engaging content for your social media

Aside from your website, you have another job to do online—establishing your social media presence. What you need to do is to provide practical and interactive content for your audience. 

Being consistent in posting will eventually help you build a steady venue where people come to interact, learn, and engage with you. Examples of interactive content are posting fun games such as quizzes and fun surveys to win prizes and giveaways.

5. Employ a referral program

Launching a referral program can quickly grow your market base. It is an essential strategy to allow your current and loyal customers to help advertise your product and services for you. You can give back by giving them discounts and freebies. 

6. Don’t skip email newsletters

Email newsletters as a marketing tool can be effective in this digital era. The availability to use these to be part of your promotions is convenient, and they’re generally a low-budget option. What makes it even better is that newsletters are your way to talk to your target in the most personalized way. 

You can quickly form the right message that you’ll need to tell the people. Keeping to a regular schedule is key to seeing the best results from an email campaign. This way, people will never forget you when they think of the products and services you offer. 

7. Do community-based marketing 

Want to form a market base in a blink of an eye? First, you need to have a clear conceptualization of the target market that you want to have. This will help you plan a marketing strategy that is mainly made for them. The more personalized your strategy is, the more special prospective customers will feel.

One effective way to stay closer to the community is to find out what they want. For example, if you’re a beauty company, a considerable number of people want specialized packaging. This is your chance to advertise and show how well your products are prepared and packed to get that corner of the market on your side. 

8. Explore collaborative marketing

Another way to promote your brand is to collaborate with similar companies. This doesn’t mean you need to collaborate with your competitors but more about the business with the same beliefs and purpose as you. This will help bolster the exposure in a way your partner’s market base can recognize you with the help of your hand-by-hand advertisement. 

You can also do this with non-profit organizations close to your heart. For example, if you are a company making eco-friendly clothes, partner with an environmental charity that you can work with.

9. Give away free stuff 

People love getting things for free. No matter if it’s big or small, they would love to have that. Giving away complimentary small products can be a massive gesture to many customers, which makes them satisfied with your service. 

Whether you plan to give a free bag, tee-shirt, sticker, or a bar of candy, there is a high chance that these people will remember you. You can have your brand name on the items so they will stick to their mind longer. 

10. Don’t hold back on the discount promotions 

Another quick way to attract the attention of people is to offer discounts on your product. They drive prospects to finally try out your product. This strategy will attract new customers and get the existing ones to purchase a new batch of items because they want to save money. Overall, discount and sale promos are significant factors that help with the success of your business. 


Whether you are still choosing a business name or you’re already in the middle of launching your business, you know you have a long road ahead. These marketing steps will help you through it and will let your target market know your presence. Just remember that consistency is the key to success. And, you wouldn’t know if it works if you don’t try it.

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