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Effective SEO Tools For Website Optimization

Optimizing a website is a multi-element task of varying complexity that often exceeds the analytical capabilities of the human mind. Fortunately, programmers and webmasters are meeting the needs of the industry and creating many useful tools that allow you to adapt to the ever-changing trends in search engines.

Effective action without their use today is almost impossible. Therefore, this article will present an extensive list of the most popular ones. For the most effective results, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with them and test them in practice.

Majestic (formerly Majestic SEO)

Used to manage the profile of inbound links, continuously monitor and analyze the trust and popularity of a website based on Trust Stream and Citation Rankings, which show how often and on which portals a website is referenced or who and from what purpose it refers. It shows the sources, the number, and the type of links (for example, text or graphics).

Webcheck.top/ –  the service allows you to check the safety of sites. Checks sites for malware, phishing, fraud, spam, and many other parameters.

Screaming frog

A program designed for detailed SEO analysis, especially for sites with a large volume. The free version, however, has a limit of 500 subpages.

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)

Provides valuable guidance for fair navigation in the search engine environment, and also returns organic traffic information from keywords and indexing issues for a given site. At the same time, it allows you to check pages in terms of Google robots and their average position, as well as the exact number of views on different devices.

Another option is Checkwebsite.pro. Full information on the domain name and website. You can check domain names and websites, get more complete information about a site: domain availability, SEO, and more.


It is a tool for tracking key phrases, including the ability to filter them by position or popularity in search. This allows you to efficiently analyze the optimal configuration for their positioning with an indication of traffic and the monthly number of requests. It also checks the visibility of the website itself and additionally monitors the activity on the specified pages in terms of the selected keywords.

Google Analytics

Allows you to check the behavior and personalized data of users on the website by providing statistics, including their age ranges, gender, exact location, type of device from which they visited the website, length of stay on a given page, etc. showing the conversion percentage of individual page elements.

Google Trends

It is a tool that allows you to analyze trends in a search engine, which is useful primarily in the event of a seasonal (for example, a holiday or festival) increase in the popularity of certain phrases.


Offers end-to-end big data analysis (big, variable, and diverse), as well as the ability to plan and track search engine campaigns. Includes keyword suggestions, specific keyword ranking tracking, backlink tracking, and AdWords advertising effects.

The above list is not complete and only includes the most popular ones.

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