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Top 10 Essential Girls’ Pants for 2021

Pants are an essential item of clothing as it defines our style and personality. The trends for pants have changed, especially after the pandemic. People have moved from skinny jeans to comfortable pants. Whether you are a wholesaler for girl’s pants or want to buy one for yourself, you need to know the latest fashion trends. That is why we have crafted a list of the top ten must-have girl’s pants for 2021. You can buy these girls’ pants wholesale if you do not want to spend much on this important clothing item. 

Without further ado, let’s check the list of the top ten essential girls’ pants for 2021 below:

1. V. Grin Girls Wide-Leg Pants

These girls’ wide-leg pants are a must-have for your closet. With 58% cotton, 40% polyester, and 2% spandex blend fabric, these pants are super comfortable to wear around all day long. You can get these pants in white, black and blue colors. V. Grin wide-leg pants can be paired with a t-shirt or top. You can wear these trendy pants for sports, holidays, gymnastics, jogging, and everyday wear.

2. 90s High-Rise Ankle Crop Jeans

90s High-Rise Ankle Crop Jeans are that old clothing item that you would not want to throw out of your closet. Yes, skinny jeans are pretty much out of fashion, but this pair of jeans is exceptional. These pants are made from vintage stock that offers a lived-in and cool feel.

3. Slouch Straight High Jeans

Slouch Straight High Jeans are another must-have clothing piece for girls. This pair of jeans is specially made for everyday casual use. Slouch Straight High Jeans make a perfect pair with a concert tee or fur-lined Birkenstocks. This pair of pants can be an excellent alternative to sweatpants.

4. French Toast Girls’ Pants

French Toast Girls’ Pants are another essential clothing item for your closet in 2021. These pants are made with 71% cotton, 26% polyester, and 3% elastane. These stretchable and comfortable pants provide a skinny fit and can be paired with t-shirts and a casual or fancy top. You can get the French Toast pants in off-white and black color.

5. Organic Cotton Tapered Leg Pants

Organic Cotton Tapered Leg Pants are super comfortable and easy to wear. These pants are made with 100% cotton. The somewhat dropped crotch & cuffed ankles brand these pants equally flattering and fashionable. 

6. Paperbag Baggy Pants

Paperbag Baggy Pants by Zara cannot be excluded from the list of top ten essential jeans for girls. These pants are especially useful for those girls who are not yet ready to ditch the elastic waistband. Paperbag Baggy pants have a super stretchable waist, and they look perfect with a bodysuit and sneakers.

7. High Waist Allover Figure Print Jeans

Printed pants are becoming a trend in 2021, and High Waist Allover Figure Print Jeans are especially for those who want to shake up their wardrobe. These pants are super comfortable and stretchable. The best thing about High Waist Allover Figure Print Jeans is that they can be paired with casual as well as fancy tops perfectly.

8. Logo-Patch High-Rise Flared Leg Jeans

Logo-Patch High-Rise Flared Leg Jeans are trendy and fashionable. This pair of pants is made with cotton and polyester. You can wear these pants with everything, including casual t-shirts or fancy tops. With a tucked-in blouse and high heels, you can rock this amazing pair of pants.

9. Cargo Jogger Pants

Cargo Jogger Pants are made with 100% cotton to ensure the comfort and elasticity of this clothing item. These pants are perfect for every day due to their breathability and lightweight. You can get Cargo Jogger pants in many types, including solid colors, camo patterns, high waist, tapered leg, and elastic ankle cuffs.

10. High Rise Sabine Straight

Last but not least, High Rise Sabine Straight is another essential pair of pants for your girl’s wardrobe. The name of these pants sounds French, but they are 100% American-made pants. A crisp white pair of pants like High Rise Sabine Straight cannot be ignored in 2021.

Bottom Line

Every girl should have some trendy pair of jeans in her closet. However, the selection of the jean’s styles can be frustrating. With the help of the list mentioned above, you can have all the essential girls’ pants that you will need in 2021.

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