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Vacation Rental Tips: Things to Consider if You Want Booming Airbnb Stats

As a property owner, nothing can be more exhilarating than taking an investment property and seeing a great return. Even a homeowner, when he or she performs remodeling work and increases the value of the home, will surely be excited to see these statistics. 

When you own an investment property, you have to manage the home just like a business. As many investors who’ve chosen to list a vacation rental on Airbnb know, watching a rise in your Airbnb statistics gives you the same good feeling as raising revenue. 

For those who have vacation rental properties listed on Airbnb, there are several ways that you can increase the positive side of your stats. While some more complex modifications to your property are sure to gain you better reviews and rental frequency, some simple methods can also give you the same results.

Here, we’ll explore a few things you can do to boost your Airbnb ratings so you can cash in on the results.


Everyone loves special features. While the look and feel of your Airbnb property might be what initially attracts a prospective renter, the additional amenities that they can indulge in while staying at your property are sure to seal the deal. 

Perhaps you have a basic home, and you haven’t thought about much when it comes to popular amenities. Well, in this day and age, people in the United States practically expect to be entertained at every turn. And this includes the places they choose to vacation. 

Consider the amenities that you already offer. Maybe you have a smart TV. If so, this is a great starting point. Instead of assuming that everyone automatically thinks that a smart TV is a standard item, list this in your amenities section.

Further, purchase streaming devices so that a renter can choose from several different entertainment sources. Today, we can log into any streaming service and use our own accounts to watch entertainment. This is a great item to list in your amenities section, especially for travelers with children. 

Other amenities that you might consider listing include the following:

  • Pool or Hot Tub
  • Number of Rooms and Features of Each
  • Proximity to Dining or Entertainment Venues
  • Type of View your Property Offers
  • Toys, Games, Sporting Equipment, etc.
  • Appliances 

Remember, it’s one thing to have these amenities, but you have to list them if you want people to know about them. This way you’ll attract more inquiries and possibly more renters.

Advice or Comment Cards

One of the best ways to come up with great ideas to modify or make your property better for an overall guest experience is to ask the guest for his or her opinion. 

Most of the time guests will have helpful tips for you to consider. While you’ll get the occasional complaint about your property (that’s just the nature of the business), you’ll find that even in complaints a guest might offer some advice that you haven’t thought about.

Having a method for both reviews and advice is the best way to get better at being an Airbnb host. Ask your guests to leave a review after their stay, and leave a stack of comment cards in the property with a receptacle. 

Keep in mind that not all reviews will be positive. Sometimes things happen out of your control which might affect a guest’s experience. But, if this is a problem that you can resolve such as poor conditions in your home, be thankful that the guest has brought this to your attention. 

Not only reviews are a great way to get a boost in your stats, responding to both positive and negative reviews tells a future guest that you’re actively involved in your property. 

Owning a vacation property is a great way to make extra money, but the revenue that you’ll make depends largely on your engagement with the guests, and with what you offer your guests. 

At the end of the day, you want to create the best guest experience possible. This way you’ll have guests telling others a great story about your property, and this is sure to bring you more customers.

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