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Why You Should Use a Truck Rental Agency for Your Contractor Business

It’s not uncommon for a beginning contractor to use his or her own personal vehicle when starting out in the business. Perhaps you’ve been adding miles to your own truck, or you invested in a used truck to use for work and it’s beginning to wear down. Regardless, if you have your eye on retirement one day, you’ll probably want to expand your business and hire out.

But, you can’t expect all of your employees to work out of their own vehicles.

If you’re considering expanding your contracting business, or if you’ve reached the level where you’ve had to hire personnel and transportation is becoming an issue, renting trucks for your business might be an ideal option. 

Today, several options for getting your employees to the job site with all of their gear and tools can be easily accommodated through the use of a quality truck rental service.

Advantages of Truck Rental

If you’ve ever bought a work truck, you know that even the cost for a used model can have you crying into your empty wallet. Now, consider having to buy an entire fleet for your operation. 

Unless you have the startup capital to pay for a small fleet of trucks for your contracting enterprise, and even if you do, you probably want to keep that cash on hand for other expenses. 

Renting trucks through a truck rental agency not only allows you to spend less, but you typically won’t have to worry about upkeep and repairs, as the rental company handles most of these issues. 

Even if you want to have your own trucks, renting allows you to still get your employees to their job sites while you plan and save to purchase your fleet over time.

Passenger Vans 

While it’s nice for each individual employee to have his or her own truck to take to the job site, many times this is not possible due to financial constraints.

In addition to this, some of your employees might not have a driver’s license and are unable to drive themselves. Perhaps they even have to catch a ride to the job site.

Passenger vans can fix this problem. With today’s availability of 12-15 person passenger vans, you can have your entire crew shuttled to a job site, and only rely on the need for one licensed driver. You can even use these vans to pick up your employees from home if they find themselves without transportation.

Like a fleet of quality rental trucks, passenger vans are widely available within the truck rental space.

The Best Truck for the Job

While you might be able to get anywhere in your personal vehicle, sometimes you need a little extra space in the back or a little more power underneath to get yourself and all of your equipment to those remote job sites. 

Often, as a contractor, you have to haul tools, machinery, and construction materials to your job site. Anyone who loves their truck knows full well how much wear and tear that this can cause over time, or even with one heavy load to a remote area.

Instead of damaging or ruining your prized 4-wheeled possession, renting the right truck for the right job is going to be your best bet. 

Work truck rentals cover all the bases. Maybe you need a ¾ ton truck to get all of your needs met. Or, maybe you need a little more power or room, and if this is the case truck rental agencies often have 1 ton to 1.5-ton trucks and flatbeds available for you to consider.

The world is continuously being built bigger and expanding into remote areas. Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to land the big paying jobs that can benefit you and your family financially. Thankfully, with truck rental agencies, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to take on the big jobs and get you and all of your crew and equipment to the job site with ease.

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